For openers, below are some issues that will explain a recent drop in the frequency of my Posts here on

I did a stupid thing the other day while attempting to cut some formica. The knife I was using slipped and the tip of my left thumb received a nasty cut. This makes typing a Post just a tad difficult.

But here we go with just a little news.

For over a full week, Patti has been suffering with another case of Bronchitis. Terrible, ‘whooping cough’ like symptoms, day and night, with no end in sight. Patti hasn’t ‘been to a meeting’ in well over a week.

My truck was overdue for some serious servicing. So I took it into an official General Motors Chevrolet Dealership and Service Facility. I took my truck in last Wednesday afternoon and the dealership had it until Friday morning when the work I had requested was finished. So the truck was in their care and possession for parts of three days (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday), and two full nights (Wednesday and Thursday).

I picked it up Friday morning and went to Costco to return several items. When I parked the truck in the Costco parking lot and went to get my return items out of the back they were missing. Long story short, while in the possession of the dealership, a number of items were stolen from my truck including the two food items (an 8-can case of soup and a 4-box case of Triscuit crackers) I was going to return to Costco.

The dealership said they have no responsibility for the contents of vehicles left in their care and perhaps I should not have left any valuables in my truck.

Long story short, this has really bummed-me-out.

This will have been the fourth (4th) time my truck has had items stolen from it. Twice windows were violently smashed by the thieves and I had to have new window glass installed. Two of the thefts occurred while my truck was in a locked fenced and gated storage yard.

Add to the above events the fact that as winter sets in up here in the far North, we are losing daylight as the periods of darkness grow steadily longer.

Bottom Line : I am feeling really depressed. I think each of you reading along here know that I would prefer to be with Patti over in Asia, Hong Kong, Mongolia. Not that I am unhappy here because I am not. Just a tad frustrated. I am here totally because of a terrible mis-diagnosis by a doctor in Mongolia reading a CT Scan. He saw a tumor and not what it really is, just a cyst in my left kidney. So to deal with the serious nature of a tumor, I returned to the U.S. at a cost of several thousands of dollars as well as the loss of time being spent in Asia.

Yes. I know. This too shall definitely pass. Maybe tomorrow we will have some sun light.

On the upbeat side, Patti and I are doing a lot of reading, one to the other, and supporting each other as we each are dealing-with-life.

Thats all for now sports fans.


Yes, this sure is a very depressing Post. But I am going to publish it. It is, after all, real life. Ups and downs for all of us.

Got it! Below is just what I need.

I already feel much better just looking at the above photo.

2 thoughts on “DEC 13, 17 .. LIFE HAS ITS UPS AND LIFE HAS ITS DOWNS

  1. Gullible

    So sorry to hear that Patti is sick again. It seems to be an annual winter occurrence. Hope she gets better quickly. As for your truck, was it an inside job? Did GM leave the truck unlocked? Was it broken into, that you could tell? I ask because there is an epidemic of thefts of vehicles and/or contents in Anchorage. There is a Facebook page that deals with reports of victims. I am almost afraid to drive to Anchorage to go shopping because of this. Also, don’t feel like you are alone. I think this gray, rainy weather isn’t doing much for anyone’s mood. We need some snow!

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      There is no doubt this Brochial whooping-cough is a reoccurring issue with Patti and it dates back more than several years. This is her second phase within the past month. She had a real go with it in Michigan including a Doctor’s visit or two.

      The truck was NOT broken into. I had assumed it was being left inside the shop facility and maybe it was for one night. Work was finished late in the day Thursday and I believe it was then taken outside for storage. It was NOT locked. The employee who took it out may have hit the auto-lock button and may have heard what sounded like the locks working but did not get out and manually check each door as I do because the auto-lock does not work on all doors all the time. The dealership is covered with their disclaimer ‘We are not responsible’. Thanks so much for your interest and for your visit last Friday. This is my fourth entry with a loss event. Two times windows were smashed with glass all over the place and the cost to repair said damage. Cap and Patti.

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