I just did an update to our upcoming travel plans. Not that there is anything dramatic. But, for what it’s worth, the above TRAVEL button will always have our latest thinking as regards upcoming travel plans.

Very good Captain. At least you have gotten a start, a small beginning, going here. Now what and where Captain are we going?  This is why I do NOT attempt to advertise nor promote our website here. I’d hate to disappoint anyone as to what is, and what is not, going on with we two. Photos Captain. You can’t miss with photos. And, at the very least, this Post will let everyone who is still following along here, KNOW the two of us are still vertical and doing our best like all of you are doing your best. I may be vegetating but I am not yet a vegetable! This Thanks To Patti.

As I sit here, the United States Cross Country Ski Championships are now underway here in Little ‘Ol Anchorage, Alaska.



This major event, and truly, it is a major event in the world of cross country skiing, is being held at Kincaid Park in Anchorage proper. And, it really is a BIG DEAL.


Last Friday, the 5th of January 2018, I said to Patti, “Let’s you and I go out to Kincaid Park and check-this-out.”

So out-and-off your two happy-wanderers drove, out we went to Kincaid Park.



The United States Cross Country Ski Championships 2018.

The last time this event was here was back in the year 2010. It moves from site-to-site and state-to-state each year.

Below are just a few, a mere sprinkling, of the many photos that I snapped.

I plan to do a larger Post on bobbacaps.blogspot.com shortly.

Here we are, in the right rear of the below photo, at the START line.

In the center-left of the below photo, you can see the above START sign.

In the above and below photos, six skiiers are lined up preparing for the start of a race.

Yes, a tad ‘blurry’, but as they raced past me they WERE INDEED a blur.

The top three winners of each race will be honored in the below area.

The time has come for us to head for home.

We read, in our Sunday newspaper, that the crowd last Friday was a ‘record’ crowd.

The parking lots were all filled to overflowing. Many fans had  to walk a long way to see the events.

Beautiful drive home. Majestic.

“Patti?” .. “Yes Cap?” .. “I am hungry from being out in the cold and doing all the walking I did. How about we get a snack at our favorite sandwich place?” .. “I would love it Cap.”

Our tuna-footlong was as good a Subway sandwich as we have ever eaten.

I gave our local Subway top marks on my Trip Advisor Post.

By the way, my personal Trip Advisor Icon is shown below.

On Trip Advisor my name is : Kanbaatar

On Trip Advisor my home is : Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Below is a link to my Trip Advisor Subway Post.


HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018 .. We all are off-and-running.


Patti and Cap

Gullible. IF you are here with us, I may never be able to go back to a ‘wired-plug-in’ computer mouse. Your ‘wireless’ mouse IS the cats-meow. THANK YOU.


    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      This Trip Advisor vocation is based 100% on your introducing me to Trip Advisor and Millie’s up in Mongolia back in November of 2015. Life changing on your part for me. Smiling. Cap

  1. zilla

    Wednesday, January 10, 2018 – noon
    Hi Cap,
    I too just looked up your Trip Advisor Log (journey, record, etc) and I have to say you certainly have travelled to a lot of countries, restaurants, etc, etc, over the past many years! Super Duper! It’s great that you have kept a great log of all the places that you have traveled to and visited! I know you are a great note taker – and like a true Engineer, great details, a very true trait of all Engineers!!
    I didn’t realize how much effort you put into your writings, i.e. the great number of photos you take, the places you have visited and all the notes, captions, etc, etc, etc! Really amazing – and of course the huge number of hours to document all the details and great photos!
    A side note, sorry to see the “Alaska Aces hockey team” has been moved to the East Coast! A pity!
    At least I have our “Reigns Hockey Team” (AAA) in Ontario; and of course our “LA Kings” (NHL) in LA!
    I will be off to a “Reigns” game this evening! As we say, wish you here to enjoy the game and have a nice meal – of course along with Patti!
    I hope to visit with you two when you are in Phoenix in February!
    I know you enjoy the cold snowy weather in Alaska, but after a heavy rain storm yesterday in SoCal, we are to have some nice warm days in the “80’s” by Friday! Just like Spring time!


    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Oh yes indeed. The Trip Advisor work takes hours of my time. We are sad the Aces have moved and are gone forever. Both Patti and I sure enjoyed the hockey game(s) we saw with you in Ontario. We have no idea of our plans after we finish with the Mayo Appointments. I don’t know if we will come North to your area or not. I am not here because I enjoy the cold and the snow. I am here to support Patti who, like me, need(s) to take care of some must-do business such as the critical business of renewing my State of Alaska driver’s license. The weather news from California (fires and now mudslides) over the past months has been horrible. As always thanks so much for your interest here ‘Zilla. Cap

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