During this past NFL football season, Patti and I only watched one game on television.

Yesterday (Saturday the 13th) we watched the Atlanta Falcons vs Philadelphia Eagles game in Philadelphia. It was a very good game. With less than one minute left in regulation time, Atlanta had the ball on the Eagles 7-yard line with first down and goal to go. The Eagles were leading the game by a score of 15 – 10 and Atlanta only had to march 7-yards for a probable victory and had four (downs) opportunities to do so. They were not able to do so. It was a very good and entertaining game and we really enjoyed it. Philadelphia now advances in the playoffs.

Today we watched the New Orleans Saints vs the Minnesota Vikings game in Minneapolis. At the half, the Vikings led 17 – 0 and appeared to be headed for a (relatively) easy victory. But we stayed with the game. With an amazing and furiously played second half, the Saints actually overtook the Vikings and, with only 10-seconds left in the game, New Orleans was leading by a single point 24 – 23. The Vikings were struggling to get into field goal range in order to attempt a game-winning field goal. It was fourth down with  10-yards to go and the Vikings were on their own 39-yard line. They needed (1) to complete a pass of about 25-yards to get into field goal range and further (2) get out of bounds to stop the clock because they had no timeouts remaining. In an absolutely history-making final play they scored a touchdown on a 61-yard passing play to win the game 29 – 24. There were four (4 count them) lead changes in the final 3 minutes of the game! Next Sunday the Vikings will travel to Philadelphia to play the Eagles.

We are planning to watch that game for sure.


Patti and Cap


  1. Greg De Young

    Well pard I just read about your regime with the super pill; I know you are tough enough. Also the playoff games. Especially enjoyed your really good day and viewing Charlies. I am doing baby steps with this but its a start. Looking forward to keeping track of you two. We are well. Our neighbor Laurien is our guru guiding me towards being able to get info and do email. Keeping it simple. This will be a real blessing to be able to log in . Tonight I go to my home group, still working step 4. Fred survived valve replacement and is home 3 days. Today picked up a stationary pedaler for Tserings workout. Hanging in, so far not a bad winter.
    Now using Laurien’s internet service, order my own soon.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Grego, Grego this is HUGE. Congratulations To Our Main Man Grego! Wonderful comment. Wonderful news. WOWIE. Cap and Patti

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