Yesterday, Patti registered for the International Women’s Conference that she has been looking forward to attending for many months. Last night Patti stayed downtown at the Sheraton Grand (Hotel) Phoenix with a friend. She will stay tonight and tomorrow (Saturday) night as well, checking out at noon Sunday. The conference is being held at the Sheraton Grand which is right in the heart of the center of downtown Phoenix.

This morning I made several Mayo Clinic telephone calls to doctors here in Phoenix as well as to one of my doctors up in Rochester, Minnesota.

I then ‘did’ a noon meeting with Loran, one of my very best friends here in Phoenix. After the meeting, the two of us went out for lunch in the City of Gendale. Loran’s treat I will add here.

Below are some photos of the restaurant and our lunch.

My friend had the egg breakfast on the left and I had the Cobb Salad on the right.

Some closeup photos of each of our meals.

A last look at the meals before we ate our lunch.

We both seem to be members of the clean-plate-club.

After lunch I did some errands and got back to our motel after dark. Do any of you often wonder, “Where did the afternoon disappear to?”

Signing off for now.

Cap and (in absentia) Patti

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