Tomorrow, Wednesday the 14th of March, I will publish a Post on showing my visit to the Peoria, Arizona, Sports Complex.

This Post tomorrow on blogspot will be the second in a series of on-going visits to the Major League Baseball Spring Training ball parks here in the greater Phoenix metro area. I already have put up a blogspot Post (MAR 10, 18) showing the Camelback Ranch ball park.

WOK OFF NOODLES. Get it? As in ‘Walk Off Base hit’.

Detroit Tiger Tom and Ginny got it all started for me. Patti is not able to ‘do-the-deal’ : Survive security and parking the truck, getting to the venue, getting to and finding seats, and lastly sitting in a somewhat uncomfortable-for-Patti, stadium seat, then getting out and back to the truck and driving home to our motel.

Here is a link for you to use to find these posts.

To put it all into the proverbial ‘nutshell’, Patti and I have been pretty much on-the-run. Yes, we are still experiencing more and ever more Mayo Clinic activities / appointments.


Yesterday, at the Mayo Clinic, I had a simple, a most basic, a most elementary of all medical procedures. Yesterday I had a ‘nothing’ medical event. Got it? On the zero-to-ten scale it was at, or even below, a zero.

Yesterday I completely ‘melted-down’. I got woozy. I got light-headed. I began to black-out and to lose consciousness, a most terrible of all feelings. My blood pressure shot up and I began to sweat. All of this over ‘nothing’. If you haven’t blacked-out and then fainted your life is not quite 100% complete.

Patti was there with me. When we were finally finished, I happily accepted a ride to the front door in a wheel chair. I also happily accepted the fact that Patti drove us home.

Over what may we finally ask Captain was all of this Drama about. I had my right nose cauterized in an attempt to deal with significant nose-bleed episodes that have been troubling me all-of-my-life.

This morning I took my once-a-month Residronate 150mg pill for my male osteoporosis. Which means I stood or sat vertical for three hours. The first hour and a half, I walked around in our local Motel 6 neighborhood.

Then I got onto a local bus, purchased a Day-Pass ($2 for all day of riding the buses/metro streetcars) and rode the bus to one of our local libraries.

The beautiful main Phoenix Library is now closed for renovations.

So I am at the temporary location known as Park Central.


And here I now sit, in the Park Central library, putting this Post together.

Patti is sleeping in, all of my medical ‘drama’ of yesterday Did-Patti-In  to some extent.

Still Smiling,

Cap and Patti

2 thoughts on “MAR 13, 18 .. BASEBALLL AND NOSE BLEEDS

  1. Greg De Young

    Say, was that faint feeling from dehydration? I know you take care for that Malady, but heres what Happened to me. At home one evening I felt woozy, tried to get to the bathroom and went down to my hands and knees. My neighbor took me to urgent care and was treated for dehydration. I had no Idea. Anyway were enjoying following you around, Later, G and T.

    1. cap chastain

      Greg, I don’t think I was dehydrated. I always watch out for this. Before the appointment, I drank fairly copious quantities of Orange Juice / Cranberry Juice / Mango Juice as well as water. We also ate a nice, full lunch before the appointment, again, I had water with lunch. Thanks for following us around. Cap

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