I keep bringing up this medical stuff. Then, when I do, I feel I need to finish and to close-the-loop.

Last Monday night Patti was very sick. That is a vast understatement. She finally was able to settle (having the dry-heaves and the pain and discomfort they are along with terrible diarrhea) about 4 o’clock yesterday morning. She spent much of the day yesterday just napping and doing her very best to keep-liquids-down and not throw up any more. And she was successful at this.

Her one solid-meal yesterday was an orange.

I seem to have pretty well weathered the storm I went through Saturday and into Sunday.

We called the Mayo Nurse Hotline. We were told it did not sound like food poisoning to them but just one of the many viruses that go around here in the Spring as if this is something routine. Let me tell all of you, for each of us it was far-from-routine.

In a few hours we will drive to Yuma, Arizona, to stay into early next week. You can check the TRAVEL button at the top of the page if you are interested in the geography.

I did put up two Posts on blogspot just in case anyone’s interested.

Still Smiling .. Cap and Patti

2 thoughts on “MAR 28, 18 .. LIVE BY THE SWORD .. DIE BY THE SWORD

  1. g.e.mulford

    Thursday, March 29, 2018 – noon
    Hi Cap and Patti,
    Very sorry to hear that you both got “hit” by a bad bug, whether or not a “travel bug” that got you or a bad “flu type” bug!! It’s really miserable when you get sick at your home base, but on the road in a motel probably makes your tummy bugs and your illness 5 times worst!!
    Claudia and I hope you two can shake it out before you get back on the road again!
    On the plus side we really enjoy your pictures of the old towns in the west, very interesting and a lot of history in the “old west” – just super! We just love the pictures!
    We also hope that you two can get some relief of your medical issues and we are sure the Mayo Clinic will provide the “solution” (relief)!!
    Happy trails!!


    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks so very much ‘Zilla. I have never had a ‘flu’ bug hit me or Patti the way this thing did. Our Mayo Clinic Nurse Advice line said basically the same thing, it sounded to her like a ‘flu’ bug. Again thanks for your concern. Cap and Patti

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