This will be the ‘short version’ of our visit yesterday, Thursday, April the 5th, during which, Patti and I, along with ‘Zilla, spent the day visiting the Joshua Tree National Park close to Indio, California, where we are staying. I plan to do a longer and more compete post on blogspot when I am able to do so.

We will begin at the beginning. How about a map or two?

The Joshua Tree National Park is in the Southwestern United States.



It is in the extreme Southcentral part of California.



A final closeup look at the park’s location and to Indio, California, where we are staying.



To get to the park, we took Interstate 10 East out of Indio. Below are the exit signs off I-10 for the park.

A very nice park entrance sign.

The Cottonwood Visitor Center is a bit inside of the park.



Some scenes from the road as we drove along after entering the park.

Now, about 27-miles into the park, we find some Joshua Trees.

Now we come to the possible ‘highlight’ of our visit here to the Joshua Tree National Park. Thanks 100% to Patti, who stressed that she wanted to visit the below attraction, we did just that. At this point-in-our-day, I was getting tired and, had it been up to me, we would have missed the best attraction in the park.

We drove 5-1/2-miles down a side road to see Keys View.

Yes indeed, it was a-hike up to the top.

Yes, indeed, Patti did the trek right up to the top and around the full loop trail.

Are you ready to see some Jumbo Rocks?

Yes these Jumbo Rocks are indeed an attraction here in the Joshua Tree National Park.

There-you-have-it, a short view of the Joshua Tree National Park.

Smiles from ..

Patti and Cap ..


Smiles from .. The-One-The-Only .. ‘Zilla

4 thoughts on “APR 6, 18 .. JOSHUA TREE NATIONAL PARK

  1. zilla

    Sat, Apr 7, 2018 – noon
    What a great tour, very nice drive on excellent Park roads, a beautiful day, about 75 degrees – super weather for the desert when the summer temp get up to about 110 degrees! We topped off the day with a fantistic meal at a French Restaurant, La Brasserie Bistro and Bar in La Quinta, CA! The best meal that I had since I have been in CA for the past 15 years!! A very special day with two great friends!! Amen


    BTW we had a great hockey game on Friday night and the “Reigns” are in the playoff – Super Duper!!

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      ‘Zilla we could not have ‘scripted’ a better day than the one we three enjoyed. Slow and easy. New, never before visited, scenery for each of us. Topped of by driving directly-to-the-restaurant with no detailed map. Just the address you had on Hwy 111 here in Indio / La Quinta, California. Indeed a most special day and one Patti and I will treasure in the years to come. THANK YOU for all you contributed to the day. Smiles .. Cap and Patti

  2. Kit

    Beautiful! Still haven’t made it there myself yet, but it looks as though you probably passed my younger sister and her family on a path or highway.
    Keep having fun! Steve graduates on 5/9, so we’ll be thinking of you when we’ll be in Tempe for graduation on the big ASU campus. Hugs…

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Go Steve and congratulations upon graduating May the 9th. Based upon today’s mid-90s temps here, by May the 9th it well may be getting warm. So nice we all got to visit here. Smiles from the two of us. Patti and Cap

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