I pulled away from our condo in Anchorage at 4pm Monday afternoon. I drove straight North to Eagle River, a distance of 15-miles give-or-take. I went into the Pizza Hut in Eagle River and stayed for several hours.

This little Pizza Hut $5 beauty is just right for me. Delicious too!

Pizza Hut has very good, free, WiFi and I wanted to get-online and did so. Then I headed North for Fairbanks. Eagle River is not visible on the below map. It is just slightly North of Anchorage.



I drove 95-miles (an easy two hour drive but I stopped several times en route) to Talkeetna Junction (see the map above) arriving about 9pm. Then I got a hot dog, popped a bag of microwave popcorn, ate a food-bar, took my vitamins / minerals and decided, “What now?”

What now ..

Option 1. Stay the night and sleep in my truck.

For over 20-years now, the truck stop in Talkneeta Junction is one of my all-time favorite places to sleep in my truck. Going North. Returning South.

Option 2. Drive further North. Read : To Cantwell.



The problem with driving further North is this : Cantwell is my next favorite place to overnight in my truck. In the current day and age, with all the bad things going on, one does not want to sleep the night in their truck / vehicle at any-old-random-place. Talkeetna Junction up to Cantwell is 100-miles and a drive of 2-hours 15-minutes. I told Patti, “I have 1-hour in me. I don’t have 2+ hours in me.”

So I slept at Talkeetna Junction getting to bed about 10:30pm. 20-years and counting I have been sleeping in my truck in this truck stop. The white truck on the right margin is my Suburban (Mister R. Richardson Richtoffen). He is the only one of my vehicles that has made all of the drives back-and-forth between Anchorage and Manley Hot Springs.

There he is beside the Subway Sandwich Shop that I also sleep close to.

The above pictures are a ‘tad-dark’ because they were taken between 4:30am / 5am. It was also overcast and drizzling.

“Yes Crocodile Dunee? Nice you dropped by for a brief visit.”

“Now THAT Captain! THAT is a BIG RIG!” /s/ Crocodile Dundee

“Now THAT Captain is one very BEAUTIFUL TRACTOR!” Crocodile Dundee

At 4:30am Tuesday morning, I was wide awake. I then drove North to Cantwell (stopping for extended periods of time en route I must add) arriving sometime around 9am into Cantwell.

En route to Cantwell, I checked out Byers Lake Campground.

When I finally pulled into Cantwell, I was feeling that maybe I needed some more rest. So I lay back down and slept until close to 12-noon.

Then out and off for Fairbanks. An E-Z 3-hours. I stopped .. I stopped again .. and yet again ..

Denali National Park Subway.

Never, in all-of-my-days, have I seen a car like this.


The visitor center in Nenana is precious. Not that I haven’t stopped here ‘countless’ times.

Nice museum in Nenana.

The Taku Chief was a famous tugboat on the Nenana River.

Too funny. Above and close-up of the two moose below.

Last stop before (finally) Fairbanks.

Skinny Dicks is a very famous ‘watering-hole’ in these parts.

And (finally) I rolled into Fairbanks about 5pm.

I then came (I did not pass GO but went straight) to the library here in Fairbanks.

MAN-OH-MANISCHEWITZ .. Does it feel great to be-on-the-road doing some real road-running.

Smiling ear-to-ear.



  1. Patti

    I cannot begin to tell you, or the rest of the world, how happy I am that you are feeling strong and adventurous again after yor two-month siege of the flu … total lack of energy and appetite. Fun to see the pizza you drooled over in Eagle River and the Subway sandwich in Denali Park! And, having spoken with you last night, you are safely in Manley … despite the challenging road out yesterday! Hug Manley, the cabin, the people for me. Love, Patti

  2. zilla

    Monday, Jun 25, 2018 – 11:00 am
    Hi Capito,
    It’s great that you are feeling better and on a “Road Trip” – a great way to sort out issues, feelings, mood, etc, etc especially after being in a “fonk mood” the past two months!! Traveling in the Great State of Alaska is just the medicine you need to get the dust out of your joints! It’s always interesting to follow your trips – big or small! I had planned on calling you on just the day you departed, and said oooops, I’ll wait until you return! Travel safe, have fun!! I will call Patti in a day or so and give her a big HELLO!


    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks ‘Zilla. It looks now like we will be back home-in-Anchorage on Sunday, July the 8th. A nice ‘outing’ for sure. Patti always likes to hear from you so I hope you give her a jingle. BUT before June the 28th when she flies up here to join me. Cap

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