Here in Anchorage, Alaska, it is Sunday evening, the  8th of July 2018.

Patti and I have just now gotten home, safe-and-sound, to our Condo in Anchorage. To put it briefly, we had a great trip to the North.

On June the 28th, Patti flew from Anchorage up to Fairbanks, Alaska. I picked Patti up at the Fairbanks Airport and we then drove from Fairbanks to our second home in Manley Hot Springs. Our 6-day stay in Manley (Friday the 29th of June through Wednesday the 4th of July) was a few notches beyond being wonderful.

On July the 5th (this past Thursday) we then returned from Manley to Fairbanks. We stayed two nights (Thursday and Friday the 5th and 6th of July) in Fairbanks. Yesterday, Saturday the 7th, we drove from Fairbanks down to Mary’s McKinley View Motel located near Milepost 134 on the George Parks Highway, the main road between Fairbanks and Anchorage.

Our stay last night, and our breakfast this morning, again was a few notches past merely being wonderful.

Last night it rained.


Today, Sunday the 8th, it rained some more. All day today, it rained basically to within 10-miles of Anchorage. Yes. It was much more difficult driving in the rain on a two-lane highway (The Parks Highway) with relatively heavy 4th of July week traffic but we made it safely.

A promise made is a debt unpaid. Robert W. Service

I really intend to post some of the 500 or so photos that I snapped this past few days. On Saturday alone I snapped 270 photos. How do I know this? My camera has each photo numbered and it is easy to do-the-math.

Do I always do-the-math?

No. This time I wanted to see how many photos my Nikon Cool Pix S4300 would take beginning with its battery fully charged until it stated Battery Exhausted and shut itself off. Now-I-know. I can shoot about 270 photos. I have not used this particular camera (with a unique re-chargeable battery that I have not been able to purchase spare batteries separately from Nikon) in about 5-years opting instead for normal, AA size, Alkaline Battery powered Nikon Coolpix cameras in the L-Series. Nikon does not sell the L-Series Coolpix cameras here in the United States. I discovered them in Hong Kong and prefer them because I can carry spare, fresh, AA Duracell or Eveready batteries, and when the ones in the L-Series cameras are exhausted, I simply replace them with fresh batteries. I also use Sony Brand re-chargeable AA batteries as well.

A promise made is a debt unpaid. Robert W. Service 

I did promise ‘Zilla that I would shoot, and post, photos of our second home in Manley. So ‘Zilla you can most definitely look forward to a photo shoot of the exterior of our place in Manley.

OK. I want to publish this post so it dates as Sunday the 8th of July and, to do-so, I need to just-do-it (press Publish).

Smiles .. Patti and Cap

5 thoughts on “JUL 8, 18 .. SHORT AND (I HOPE) SWEET

  1. Tom

    Hello Cap! Going to see Andre in a bit to get your GMC paperwork set. Very busy, will e-mail some photos, Tigers game July 7 vs. TX with my daughter Megan from Lansing and her boy friend Brian. Also Declans 7th birthday party on July 8 was a big event and lots of fun. Last week I was up to my mothers in Allen MI (near Hillsdale ) 4th of July, big fellowship picnic in Hazel Park – lots of fun. Still on hold with insurance company – I should get some word from them at the end of this week. I will be up at Torch Lake MI, near Alden, for the next 3-4 days, visiting Johns mom in-law and staying with Alexandria, Sydney and Jenn ( my daughter in law). Lots of photos in my phone, will e mail soon.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks so much Tom. Andrej said that he has put the new tabs onto the Suburban. Now it is street-legal for you to drive West in the Autumn. Happy Declans birthday party was fun for all. So happy that you had legal representation with you for the fire damage. Again thanks Tom. Cap

  2. Gullible

    Cap, there are any number of EN-EL 19 batteries for the Coolpix S4300 camera available online. They are after market batteries from reputable companies and cost anywhere from $5.12 on up. Just look for one with the largest milliamp hours. I use after market batteries all the time with no problems. You might even try Best Buy locally.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      THANK YOU SO MUCH Gullible for this information. I will begin my search at Best Buy here on Dimond. Having extra batteries, fully charged and ready-to-go, for my S4300 would be wonderful. I am positive that you told me about this some years ago. But when I discovered the L-Series that take common AA batteries, I stopped using the S4300 totally. Now I love it. As I upload photos it is quietly re-charging so that is nice. Smiles, Cap

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