We all know of Godzilla or ‘Zilla as I call him here on dot.net. Well ‘Zilla has a wife who was born / raised / reared in Germany and who has a business here in the U.S. translating from English into German and German into English.

‘Zilla is Großer Bär and his lady is Kleiner Bär.

The below information has been cleared with / approved by Kleiner Bär.

In the above title, at the end, I use the following three German words ..

Was ist los?

These three words form a ‘phrase’ used in German to mean ‘What’s happening?’ It also can mean ‘What is the matter?’ .. ‘What’s wrong?’ .. ‘What’s up?’

As in .. “Was ist los?”

The below link to Google Translate will give you more information.


In German the ‘ W ‘ sounds out as a ‘ V ‘ .. Was in German sounds out as Vas  ..

As long as we are at it .. In German the V sounds out as Fow.

So the VW (Volkswagen auto) .. In German .. Sounds as Fow Vay.

The German ‘ V ‘ does double duty as it can also sound out as an F.

Volkswagen pronounces as Folkswagen.

IF you are stuck on the road in Germany you’d better be able to say ..

“Meine Fow Vay, meine Folkswagen, ist kaputz.”

To further confuse you, occasionally the V sounds out like a V (like in the town of Verden).

The BMW (Motorcycle / Auto) sounds out .. Bay M Vay ..

Onward here on this Delete-Before-Reading Post.

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Reading .. “The Obituaries.”

“Is this all a part of the getting-old, is this part of the aging-process? Reading the Obits. Gad-zooks.”

The below Obit (quoted only in part) really touched Patti (who shared it with me) and myself .. To keep it anonymous, I am only going to use the gentleman’s first name.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Dec 2, 1960 – June 23, 2018

Andrew born Dec 2, 1960, in Prairie Village, Kansas, suffered a fall and a fatal head injury on Saturday, June 23, 2018.

Andy’s curiosity and grace never diminished. He greeted each day with unabashed joy, such enthusiasm as could only be expressed trumpeting at 6 a.m. in nothing but a peshtemal (Peshtemal – a Turkish Towel used in Turkish Baths). His passionate exploration of music and incurable desire to share with others led him to take on a hopeful violin student named Maria. Although she ditched the fiddle, she kept the fiddler, and the two wed August 13, 2011, on his fishing boat in Bristol Bay.

From Kansas to Alaska, Ghana to Laos, Turkey to Uzbekistan, and finally to Virginia, friends all over the world know how Andy’s mischievous grin would erupt into neck-breaking guffaws of delight. Our Andy never met a stranger, and all who knew him felt as confindantes to his boundless wit and wonder. He left as he lived, with a bang, not a whimper.

In lieu of  flowers, please eat wild Salmon, adopt a dog and donate to the ACLU.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Patti and I were deeply touched by the above obit. I went on-line and expressed my gratitude for the survivors specifically saying what exactly happened to Andy. He sounds like he was a wonderful human being. He falls, hits his head, and is gone forever.

Andy suffered a fall and a fatal head injury on Saturday, June 23, 2018.

This thing of falling-and-dying on-the-spot is starting to get-to-me having myself, experienced more than one fall lately. Having known two close associates and a third friend’s mother who fell, hit their heads and died I am really concentrating on NOT falling. The issue is, one can fall even when trying NOT to fall. Are falls pre-ordained?

One of my very best and closest friends who has suffered from advancing cancer deteriortion, fell and broke his arm. Then he fell and destroyed his knee. In the hospital he ‘gave up the Ghost’ and passed on one short week ago yesterday.

Captain, we missed the point!

I said to delete this Post before reading it now didn’t I?

The point is that this aging-thing is getting a tad difficult to control.

Cap and Patti


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