Well, one never know what goes on with a ..


For all (and even more) than you ever want to know about hoarding, just go to the below two links.

Well, the other day, I was up at our local library and ..

What to my wondering eyes should appear ..

The below automobile looks ‘quite normal’ doesn’t it?


Do I spy something in the rear window?

Well, let’s you and I take a little closer peek into the rear window.

By The Way, the white Chevrolet Suburban that you see in some of the photos is our truck, Mister R. Richarson Richtoffen. He is just a tad embarrased by what we are seeing here.

Looking now at the passenger’s side of this automobile ..

It is just a tad ‘beat up’ isn’t it?

Whoa! A closer peek into the passenger’s seat.

The seat behind the passenger.

“What’s that?” ..

“You didn’t listen when I advised you to ‘Delete-Before-Reading’ this Post now did you?”

Smiles from Cap and Hugs from Patti.

2 thoughts on “AUG 18, 18 .. WELL ONE NEVER KNOWS ..

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Well Gullible .. The lady is taking her-sweet-time getting to a recycling bin. Like a year-or-more. She IS a real HOARDER looks like to me. Smiles from Patti and I.

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