“It’s What I Do” is the category I picked for this post because traveling IS what Cap does.

Cap has landed in South Korea as of about an hour ago and we have spoken, so far, five times.  He is in good hands.  Our Alaska friends, Terry and Kathy, have been living in South Korea for almost five years now and met Cap at the airport.  They will be his guides, so to speak, for the five days Cap is there.  They are now on a bus going from the airport to Terry’s and Kathy’s neighborhood.  Korea is a country Cap had not yet checked off on the world atlas, so this is new territory for him.  His last call included his first impressions:  SEOUL IS A VERY NICE, MODERN CITY, REMINDING ME OF HONG  KONG.  I thought he would like it.  I did when I was there in 1988.

Korea is 17 hours later than/ahead of Alaska, so, at 12:35 am here now, it is 5:35 pm in Korea.

I am going to go to sleep!

Thank you to all of you who have been wishing Cap safe travels … so far, so good.

Goodnight … Patti

6 thoughts on “OCT 18, 18 .. OUR WORLD TRAVELER IS IN KOREA!

    1. cap chastain

      Linda, Thank You so very VERY MUCH for following along with us over the years. It means so much to both Patti and to me. Smiles. We hope you survived the recent storms down your way. Cap and Patti.

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