Sometimes I see (I can’t recall where but .. I will see ) a photo asking readers to put a caption on a photo they show.

Have a try with the below photo.

I was on my way to speak at a noon meeting here in Irkutsk when I snapped these photos.

“Hi Yo Silver! Away.”

There they go.

“Wait a minute Captain! I was a majestic White Stallion! Not a children’s pony!”

/ sign me / Silver. The Lone Ranger’s Stallion.

Smiles on a busy Sunday, November the 4th. I spoke at two meetings today. One at noon and a second at 7pm.

Over And Out..


Here is my best shot at a caption for the photo :

Talk about being a horse’s ass !

“Oh Captain! We can dress you up BUT we simply can’t take you out!”

6 thoughts on “NOV 4, 18 .. YOU PUT A CAPTION ON THE BELOW PHOTO

    1. cap chastain

      Great. I am smiling. How fun is this. Thanks for your suggested title My Dear One. I wonder : Is it in the Grapevine I see these requests for suggested photo captions to photos? Love .. Cap

  1. Patti Boone

    Grapevine has you suggest captions for cartoons. I think the requests for captions for photos comes from various sources. I think … hugs, Patti

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