Today, Wednesday the 7th of November, ended with a phone call from Patti telling me that she took-a-fall out in the parking lot of our local Costco store. Unexplainable because she was actually holding onto, and pushing, a shopping cart. She said as her feet somehow got entangled with one-another, and she started to go down, she let go of the shopping cart and fell onto her knees. Home with ice on her knee hoping it is nothing serious.

While on this issue, I wrote yesterday the following :

The bottom could fall out of my idyllic visit here in Irkutsk. One fall. One microscopic germ. A serious automobile accident. Poof.

We’ve had the fall, albeit in Anchorage.

Now for a microscopic germ.

On Monday, the 29th of October, I arrived here in Irkutsk. Sergey, the man responsible for me being here, and others met me at the airport. It would be a great understatement to merely say Sergey is a very important part of my visit here to Irkutsk.

Later in the afternoon, we all ate lunch here at a favorite restaurant of the group.

I did NOT know this at-the-time, BUT during lunch Sergey ate one of the meat dumplings and instantly did not feel well. He was not feeling well the next several days and suddenly was admitted to the hospital. We are now hoping Sergey will be released from the hospital by next Monday the 12th of November. Talk about one microscopic something-or-other!

At this writing, I do NOT know what Sergey has been hospitalized for. Maybe something having to do with his pancreas.

Today was a low-key, stay inside day for me. I took several long naps. The walk yesterday really fatigued me to the limit.

BUT !!

I was able to go to a meeting this evening and give a talk. One I was quite pleased with.

Over And Out from Irkutsk.


3 thoughts on “NOV 7, 18 .. PATTI TOOK A FALL

  1. Patti Boone

    One misstep, one food selection, … it could be anything … and the picture before you changes dramatically. I will likely be stiff and sore tomorrow; I hope that will be the extent of it. Meanwhile, fresh icepacks … still smiling … Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      My Oh My .. My Dear One .. As you so aptly put-it, this is concerning. But for now at least, we will hold fast to our plan to meet up in Seoul in early December and then proceed here to Irkutsk. Much Love .. Cap

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