In spite of being able to get a post up at the library there in Kyzyl previously, Cap was totally unable to put up a post himself today.  Thus, Patti at your service again ..

This was a VERY FULL, VERY BUSY day for our Captain.  He and Dr. Mike (his translator) were provided with a car and a driver from 6:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.  They started out with a meeting at a hospital rehabilitation unit from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.  From there they went to a second hospital rehabilitation unit, where the nursing staff INSISTED on taking both Cap’s and Mike’s bloodpressure when they got there.  Do you suppose they looked stressed?  Next, Cap was ushered in front of television cameras for a full-scale television interview.  He then sat down with the clients from this second hospital.  Both hospital meetings were productive with Cap being able to share his own experience and knowledge and take questions from the clients.  There was some ‘push-back’ from one of the clients at the second hospital, who said she was uncomfortable with the idea of calling another alcoholic in order to stay sober.  She asked if she could call a therapist instead.  Cap answered her questions with a resounding YES, and she settled down and seemed satisfied with Cap’s responses.

From the second hospital, Cap and Mike scurried over (with their car and driver) to the location of the President of the Republic of Tuva, the region wherein Kyzyl lies.  They went through all the security to get admitted to the building then waited .. and waited.  Finally they were told that the President was not able to be available today afterall due to other official duties.  Cap and Mike are now scheduled to meet instead with a couple of Cabinet Ministers tomorrow, one of whom is the Minister of Health.

There appears to be NO WiFi in Kyzyl .. not even at the library.  Around 4:30 in the afternoon, Cap was able to get on the library computer.  He was able to check his emails but could NOT access his web site or blog spot in spite of numerous attempts.  The computer was extremely  S  L  O  W  at best with everything he tried.  Prior to the library, Cap and Mike had gone to three very modern stores that had modern things, including computers.  Cap was looking for some kind of adapter for his laptop to be able to connect an ethernet cable to a USB port (whatever that is!).  He thought, with  this adapter, perhaps he would be able to get onto his website and blog spot.  He does have one of these adapters, by the way, but left it in Irkutsk.  No luck with finding what he was looking for, so .. the jury is out as to whether or not he will be able to get any other posts up while he is there, maybe for a week or so.  We shall see.

Finally, Cap and Mike have today been resettled into a very nice two-bedroom suite maybe a half-mile from downtown.  Cap was staying with a contact in her private home about 9 miles from the main part of downtown and feeling welcome, but isolated.  The two of them are being put up at this new place for the next five days.  So, today was also a moving day for both of them as Mike had been staying with a friend.

I reiterate .. A VERY FULL, BUSY DAY FOR OUR CAPTAIN!!  He is in the spotlight at every turn!!

Happy to be able to bring you current ..

Smiles and hugs, Patti and Cap



  1. cap chastain

    For well over one (1) full hour, here at the main government library in Kyzyl, the Capital City of the Republic of Tuva, in Russian Siberia, I have been totally unable to access yahoo mail. Since I can’t get onto yahoo, I can’t even begin the process of attempting to get to my website here.

    Then some inner voice told me to just Google and here I am.

    At the very least I’m able to thank Patti for all of her work on our behalf. Now I have to run because Mike and I have to suddenly be somewhere. To say this inability to get on-line is frustrating is a great understatement.

    Still Smiling However .. Cap in Kyzyl the Capital of the Republic of Tuva, in Russian Siberia.

    1. cap chastain

      Here I am double-dipping.

      My Rhetorical Question to Myself : Captain, did anyone promise you that this ‘gig’ would be easy?

      NOW I am really experiencing the Russian Siberia that I came here to see. All the locals are dressed like it is cold. I find it just-about-right. I did have to cut short a photo shoot that I was busy doing yesterday late in the afternoon out at the Memorial to the Center Point of Asia because suddenly I got very cold.

      Just a small hiccup I guess.

      Your Captain .. Over and Out for real this time.

  2. Patti Boone

    Tee Hee … this may be your only effective way to communicate with your website fans. I hope they are going so far as to click on comments! You ARE resourceful Cap!! Love, Patti

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