GOOD DAY to all of you following along here.

Reality : This Post is dated Monday, the 10th of December. As I sit here at the keyboard of my Lenovo Laptop, it is very early in the morning on Tuesday the 11th of December here in Kyzyl, the Capital City of the Republic of Tuva, in Southern Russian Siberia. I just checked our local weather and it is minus 15°F outside.


What a joy it is. What a relief it is. To be back on-line and further, to be back on-line IN MY HOTEL ROOM here.

I just posted some new TRAVEL news on my TRAVEL page.

Just-in-case you are interested, I also just published a very short post on blogspot.

A little silliness.

I think almost everyone reading along here has been to a Doctor and had the Doctor ask (as they pressed your tongue down with a wooden tongue depressor) you to say : “Ah-h-h-h-h.” as they looked at your throat.

FINALLY I have gotten it correct : I am in the Republic of Tuva. For the past week or so, the Republic of Tuva has rhymed with Tuba.

Not the case at all.

It is The Republic of Too vah-h-h with an emphasis on the ah-h-h.

Just-in-case you want to be correct. I your Captain certainly want to be correct.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Where-Oh-Where do I begin.

I will begin with the up-to-date present.


Last Friday, Mike and I had to move out of our very ‘swank’, two bedroom suite into a very casual small hotel here in Kyzyl. We had to move because our ‘swank’, two bedroom suite was previously reserved for a very important guest who obviously ‘out ranked’ us.

Now that I have Wi-Fi here IN my room in our casual hotel I am thrilled we ‘had to’ move.


I absolutely must have a ‘landmark’ where ever I am in a foreign country.

How about the below landmark in Kyzyl.

This magnificent church is directly across the street from our new hotel. What a great LANDMARK it is.

All of we who are ‘senior citizens’ are hanging by a thread. I’ve now been out of the U.S. for (soon-to-be on December the 16th) two months. So far so very good.

Then earlier today, as I was giving a talk at the local Medical University, I had to take-a-break. As I returned to the room I ‘missed’ a tiny, 3-inch step down into the room and really ‘jolted’ my spine. Thankfully my back now feels OK.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

A great meal here in Kyzyl.

Do all of you recognize Mike in the below photo.

Last Saturday afternoon, Mike and I enjoyed  lunch with Renat, an extremely important new friend here both in Kyzyl and in the Republic of Tuva, as well as in my life.

How pleasant the restaurant was.

The view from our table.

In the distant background of the below photo is a play area for the children.

A close-up photo of the very nice corner for the young children.

I mean-to-shout, this was a top-of-the-line restaurant.

Chicken Salad with Chicken Soup and fresh bread.

A salad with a burger and fries.

Now for the treat-of-treats.

Renat asked Mike and I if we had ever enjoyed a glass of freshly squeezed Tuvian Berries mixed with water.

We both said, “No we haven’t.”

So to our table it came.

The above pitcher was gulped down in record time and a second pitcher ordered immediately.

I asked Renat just what it was. He then Googled it on his smart phone.

Amazing huh?

Now you all know what squeezed, sea-buckthorn berry juice is!!

Sea buckthorn is a golden-orange berry commonly considered as “Super fruit”. Sea buckthorn berries are loaded with natural essential fatty acids Omega 3, 6 and 9. The berries also contain Lipids and water soluble vitamins A, E, B1, B2, B6, C etc along with several amino acids.


I think that I will title this Post :  IT IS SO VERY NICE TO BE BACK ON-LINE

Smiles and Joy ..

Cap and Patti who will now ‘clean this up’ for me.

2 thoughts on “DEC 10, 18 .. IT IS SO VERY NICE TO BE .. BACK ON-LINE

  1. Patti Boone

    Sea-buckthorn berry juice .. my mouth is watering at your rave over how great it tasted, and the fact that it is so healthy makes it that much more appealing! All the food also looks appetizing. The play area for the children is very tender .. quiet things for the children to do. Contrast that with our play areas where the kids are climbing ladders, sliding down, bouncing on trampolines, running back and forth from one thing to the other. What a difference in cultures. Your “Landmark” is stunningly beautiful. Great to see a picture of Renat so I can place a face to his name. Looks like a very gentle, thoughtful man. I cringed, to say the least, when you wrote about missing that step. Yikes!! Really enjoyed this post, and NO corrections!! Smiles and Love, Patti

  2. Gullible

    That chicken salad looks very much like the “salads” we were served at the restaurant in Moron, Mongolia, don’t they?

    Which reminds me, our Mongolian guide was from Tuva.

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