DEC 17, 18 .. (Part 2 of 2 Parts) ..TRAVEL DAY .. KYZYL TO ABAKAN BY OVER-THE-ROAD BUS

NOTE: I am posting this post which Cap prepared last night while he still had WiFi in his hotel room in Kzyzl. We have spoken a few times tonight (when he gets bars on his phone) while he is in transit on the bus. He said the bus is VERY nice, comfortable and warm except for the inside windows frosting up with ice. Guess that can be expected in Siberia in the winter!

So … below is the post … enjoy.  Patti

This Post is a joint effort between Patti and I. 

Monday the 17th of December 2018. Today Mike and I are traveling Northwest on an over-the-road bus from Kyzyl to Abakan, here in Southeastern Russian Siberia.

My ‘home’ here in the Siberian Federal District is / and will remain, in Irkutsk.



A little closer look at our route. Mike has made this trip about ten times. Mike has advised me that the overall trip will be between 6 and 7 hours and that the ‘rest stops’ en route are included in the estimated time of the trip.



Mike also told me, “Cap it is winter and we are in Siberia. We don’t know for sure what can / or will happen so please take survival gear with you on the bus.”





The largest dam (with an enormous hydroelectric generating plant) in all of the Russian Federation impounds an enormous reservoir North of Abakan.



I can barely wait to get on the bus and head Northwest to Abakan!

Alexander is our ‘point man’ in Abakan. Mike, Sergey in Irkutsk, and Lida here in Kyzyl are all closely in-touch with Alexander.

Thank You So Very Much Patti for working so closely with me on these Posts. I could not do this alone.


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