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I’m feeling cold just thinking of the past two days that I’ve been outside in the wind and cold.


“When is the last time you sat in a barber’s chair and got your hair cut?”

You could put a gun-to-my-head and demand an-answer-or-else and I could not tell you when I last sat in a barber’s chair.

I met Alexzay (Alex with a HARD ZĀ) at a meeting and liked his hair style.

We have become friends and it was Alexzay who drove us to the village of Shushenskoye and then to the Sayano–Shushenskaya Dam.

Trust me on this : Only I know when I need a hair cut.

Very few people on the Planet Earth would suggest to me, based on the below photo, that I was in desperate need of a haircut.

This past Thursday night we were late getting back into Abakan from the dam. We were due at a 7pm meeting. I thought that Alexander and Mike were going to faint when, as we rolled into the outskirts of Abakan at 6:15pm, I said to Alexzay, “I need a hair cut. Take me to your barber.” He knew I meant it and so he took me to his barber / hair stylist.

Alexander snapped the below photo.

So when we then went to our meeting, once again, I looked like the me I like to look like.

YOUR Rhetorical Question : Why didn’t I cut it as I always do?

I’ve been so busy this past month / month and a half that my hair got-away-from-me. And it suddenly became : The Bridge or The Haircut. My mind did not give me the third option : Go home and cut it like you always do. Obviously I chose The Haircut.

The cost : 150 Russian Rubles (U.S. $ 2.24). I then gave my hair stylist a gratuity of 100 Russian Rubles (U.S. $1.49) and she was tap-dance happy.

Captain just press delete and start over. You’re going to embarrass yourself IF you publish this mess!

Ah shut up mind and go away into the corner over there.

The dreaded word : Change

Do any of you know what you’re seeing in the below photo?

Those are Vitamin D3 capsules. I’m running low on them. They are a vital part of my male osteoporosis regimen. Vitamin D3 capsules do not seem to exist here in Russian Siberia. Oh yes! Yes indeed! Make no mistake! Vitamin D3 does exist. But it is in liquid form and comes in a small bottle and you take ten drops as your dosage. I’m about out of options. I don’t like the liquid Vitamin D3 because it seems to me like it just stays on your tongue or in your mouth. So I add it to my fruit juice.

Enough already.

Tomorrow I’m going with Mike and Alexander to Alexzay’s home to share with a hand picked group of people seeking recovery. At the very least none of them will point at me and say (or mouth the words) “You Sir need a hair cut.”

The Rest of The Story?

You want .. The Rest of The Story?

Just look, if you will, at Mike’s hair!

Evidently I ‘shamed’ Mike into getting his hair cut as well.


There needs to be a law outlawing anyone from being this happy!

That’s All Folks!


6 thoughts on “DEC 22, 18 .. A STAY INSIDE ALL DAY KIND OF DAY

  1. Patti Boone

    Chuckle, chuckle, chuckle. I well know the on-going saga of ‘the haircut’. I have MANY times literally seen the rest of your world STOP as you dropped everything else in a New York Minute, and went after your hair to get rid of most of it. In the over 26 years I have known you, I am unaware of you EVER going to a barber/stylist for a haircut. More chuckling … and smiling. Patti

    1. cap chastain

      Happy to read of you chuckling and smiling over My Issues with the hair on my scalp! Obviously Alexzay himself knew and understood what was happening with my hair / scalp because he himself wears his hair properly! Not one instant of hesitation on his part and we went directly to his barber. THEN Mike joined in the fun. THAT was a hoot and a holler. Much Joy My Dear One .. with Love .. Cap

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      I have my Alaskan Trappers Hat, made in Fairbanks, here with me. A hat that has seen me through -60°F. At age 82 I am NOT going to be cold for no good reason. I am getting cold shooting the photos but that goes with the territory I guess. My head certainly has, so far, not been one iota cold. Mike has a serious Russian Traditional Winter Hat.

  2. admin_andrej

    You should get yourself the local version of a Ushanka hat.
    I hear they are a life saver. Im happy to see the program is universal, say hello to your new friends for me and that I wish them the freedom that comes with sobriety as well as Merry Christmas to you all! ( счастливого Рождества!)


    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      WOW! Thank You So Very Much Andrej! Truly I am so very blessed to be here. And to you all a Merry Christmas. I hope David’s mother has a nice visit there. Smiles .. Cap

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