Mike and I had plans today. At 11am we were going to be picked up by my great new friend Andrey (An dray).

We were first going to go on a sight-seeing tour of Krasnoyarsk. Then after we’d finished our sight-seeing tour, we’d all go to his home to have dinner with Andrey and his lovely wife Lika (Lee Kahh).

At 10am, I told Mike to call Andrey and tell him there was no way I could make an 11am appointment because I was just exhausted. Could we move it to 12 noon? I lay down and slept some more. Then later I asked if we could move it to 1:30pm with the proviso we would NOT do a sight-seeing tour. I again lay down and slept more. Then could we move it to 2:30pm. At 3pm I was finally feeling good and was ready to go.

We had a great visit at their home and Andrey asked me if I could talk at a meeting. I agreed to do so. I then went into their bedroom and slept 45 minutes.

We did the meeting. It was a good meeting. Small, low key AND it was in the same venue we’d done a large meeting on (was it) Monday night.

Patti here is the table setup I was trying to explain to you. The meeting where I was at the head of the tables and our Shaman came in and joined us. I was sitting where the vase is in the below photos.

This meeting. You now can visualize it better.

A photo or two or three of my great new landmark, The Russian Oil Building!

The first two photos below were my greeting to Krasnoyarsk.

I am not able to see The Russian Oil Building from our apartment, but you can see it peeking out above the building next to us.

I really enjoy looking at him, one handsome fellow!

I went home and slept like the dead.

Much Joy .. Cap and Patti along for the ride and to help me proof-read all of these posts.

Thank You My Dear One !!

2 thoughts on “JAN 3, 19 .. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH

  1. Patti Boone

    Andrey and Lika look so friendly, and it is nice to see the smiling Shaman with you in a picture again. Thanks for the photo of the meeting room you were trying to describe to me on the phone. It is now firmly fixed in my minds eye. The Russian Oil Building is certainly quite a statement, elegant. It definitely IS a landmark! Rest up .. you have been keeping quite the rapid pace in Siberia. Winter itself sometimes makes us more tired, and you are certainly having winter there. Hugs and love, Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Andrey and Lika sure do fit-together so nicely. The Shaman just lit-up for me and that’s for sure. And where is he today? Does even The Shadow Know? Love the Russian Oil Building landmark. Winter? Here in Siberia? NO! .. Smiling My Dear One .. Love Cap

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