Is this fun? Or IS THIS FUN!

I am in Russian Siberia. No matter your take on Russian Siberia, it has got to include the concept that winter here is a great and a difficult challenge.


Do all of the local natives feel this way?

“Hello to you all up there in Alaska in the United States!”

“Over here in Russian Siberia we have REAL WINTER.

And we enjoy our winters.

And we have fun in our winters.

“What’s that?”

“You think that I am making all of this up?”

“Including the above young lady’s cap and the display in the super market?”

“And the beautifully decorated trees and the Ice Slide?”

Today Mike and I took our very first bus ride here in Krasnoyarsk.

Our bus is the number 74. See it at the bottom? Nicely organized bus stop sign isn’t it? Times of operation and times between buses.

A nice bus stop in general.

We are ‘on the bus’. They look like us and we like them!

Patti do you remember the time in Calcutta when I screamed at you at the (literally) top-of-my-lungs : “Patti! GET ON THE BUS!”

Still on the bus. The red 22 behind Mike is the bus fare. 22 Russian Rubles (U.S.$0.33).

My Main Man Mike is a talker. And? People listen to what Mike has to say!

The young lady (I saw it with my very own eyes) gave her phone number to Mike!

I went to another meeting tonight. Below are street lights.

What was I thinking when I came over here? I was not thinking they had fancy street lights!

Mike and I went to a meeting location tonight that I have now been at several times. Thus it has become a friendly and very familiar place to me.

I ‘know’ the meeting room.

Look at, make a mental note in your-mind’s eye, of the Christmas Tree in the window in the above and below photos.

I’ve experienced some great meetings here .. Here in MY ROOM!

I want you to have the Christmas Tree in the window as a point of reference when you now look at the next photos below.


Why exactly is it that we don’t like change?




“Lord I don’t even recognize this room?”

“Well I do recognize the Christmas Tree in the window!”

“So I must really be IN MY ROOM! 

“It sure feels odd in this room! “

I’ve seen great meetings, meetings that had a large attendance history over the span of a number of years, even over the span of a number of decades! Have to move their meeting location due to some reason or other (the rent gets drastically increased, buildings are sold, etc et al). And in a relatively short time, maybe as little as a month or so, the meeting ceases to exist BECAUSE of the change in chemistry of the meeting room!

Am I having a good time here in Russian Siberia? Am I having a good time here in Krasnoyarsk?

“Just follow the arrow Captain!”

Well what have we here?

Here in Krasnoyarsk, here in Russian Siberia.

Some one’s having fun here!

Here. Here in Krasnoyarsk. Here in Russian Siberia. Here in the winter. A lot of people seem to be having a lot of fun. I think that I’ll continue to celebrate winter with them.

Cap and My Dear Bemused Patti

8 thoughts on “JAN 10, 19 .. LET’S HAVE A LITTLE FUN HERE

  1. Patti Boone

    Yes, this post WAS fun! Loved the ‘Keep Cool’cap the lady was wearing and the ‘Real Winter’ display in the store. They seem to take their winter with some levity and enjoyment! And, yes, I do remember when, in India, you verbally urged me to ‘Get on the bus’ but I also recall one other word in that command which cannot be printed here!! Meeting rooms that change their set up do disorient us .. we tend to sit in the same chairs, in the same location in the room, at each and every meeting. At least you were in the same room. Good old McDonald’s .. they are new there, you just said on the phone, but it always amazes me in the far reaches of the planet to see our fast food franchises. Smiling and bemused, with love, Patti

    1. cap chastain

      Did I, your Captain, use the dreaded ‘F’ word that rhymes with trucking in Calcutta? I’ll never forget the ‘deer-in-the-headlights’ look on your face as that bus began to pull away from the bus stop! I don’t know how we would have re-connected had you not gotten on the bus.

      I can’t imagine the Sunshine group in another room. It would NOT be the same group.

      I had to chuckle when I saw the Keep Cool logo on the teenager’s knit cap! And the store display was for people to photograph their children with the Husky Dog. Imagine? They, here in Russian Siberia, know what Husky dogs are! Here I thought that we in Alaska were the only ones who know about Huskies. Much Love .. Cap

  2. Tom

    Hello Krasnoyarsk & neighboring cities! I am reading this while manning the Literature Sales Table @ the River Roundup Convention in Laughlin NV.So I am “on duty”just wanted to say a quick howdy,to you & all our cohorts in Siberia.God Bless !Tom

    1. cap chastain

      Keep doing all the service work that you do Tom Tiger! Great to have you along for the ride here with all of us! We here in Russian Siberia are alive and well Tom Detroit Tiger. Smiles to you and to Ginny .. Cap

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Duh-h-h-h .. Siberian Huskies .. Smiling and thanks Gullible .. I feel into the trap of thinking that we in the U.S. are in the forefront of the World and we are NOT. Cap

  3. Gullible

    From WIkipedia: The first dogs arrived in the Americas 12,000 years ago; however, people and their dogs did not settle in the Arctic until the Paleo-Eskimo people 4,500 years ago and then the Thule people 1,000 years ago, both originating from Siberia. The Siberian Husky was originally developed by the Chukchi people of the Chukchi Peninsula in eastern Siberia. They were brought to Nome, Alaska, in 1908 for sled-dog racing.

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