MAR 26, 13 (2/2) .. I SAID I WAS GOING TO DO THIS .. AND I DID !

Those of you following along here know of my ‘camera woes’!

My Silver Colored Nikon Coolpix went kaputz!  In spite of Nikon Factory service .. it remained kaputz!

So I bought a brand new Plum Colored Nikon Coolpix.  Brand new! Right-out-of-the-box! It would NOT function.  Off to Nikon Factory Service with the new camera.  Back came ‘The Plum’!

So I came on this trip with a relatively ‘brand new’ camera (‘The Plum’) .. and my several-years-old ‘outdated’ camera that uses two AA batteries.  It does NOT use the rechargeable batteries. I brought him along as a ‘back-up’ to the new camera (‘The Plum’).

What happens?  ‘The Plum’ dies dead!

So INTO SERVICE GOES my several-years-old ‘outdated’ Nikon Coolpix L22. AND HE HAS SERVICED ME PERFECTLY!

But I am left with only one camera that works.

So I decided first that I would take ‘The Plum’ into my local camera shop here and get it checked out.

They tell me its (basically) brand new battery is dead!  A new battery from Nikon will cost me (right at) $40 US Dollars (1950 Rs Indian).  For the identical problem that the Silver Nikon had.  It will not charge and will not operate at all.

I say “Nuts!” I am not going to spend $40 US Dollars and find out the battery was not the problem the charging system is (maybe .. who knows?) the problem. I am not inclined to pay $40 US Dollars and get ABSOLUTELY nothing-for-it.

So I price out a brand new Nikon Coolpix L28 that takes two AA batteries and does NOT have the rechargeable battery system.

For about (just under actually) $ll5 US Dollars (5960 Rs Indian) I could get a brand new camera.  But here in India it can be a ‘who knows’ what you are getting deal.

The owner of my guest house is also the owner of the camera store (Lucky Photo) next door.

So he gets me a camera .. in a sealed Nikon box .. with all sorts of Nikon stickers and Nikon seals on it.  I open it up (after paying him his money FIRST! There will be NO going back on this deal!) and I mean everything is 100% perfect.  So I believe in-my-heart-of-hearts that for $115 US Dollars I have a good backup camera.


So me and my new Nikon Coolpix L28 went on a photo-shoot.  All IS well. All of the photos I intend to put up on Blogspot of Bharati Park were shot with the new camera.

So I am in business.  Two working cameras.

You know me and my Bobbseys! Nikon L28 wanted a photo of his older sibling Nikon L22 and Nikon L22 wanted a photo of Nikon L28!

Keep-in-mind they can NOT photograph themselves!

So here you have them!

Below is the new Nikon L28 shot by ‘Old Faithful’


And below is ‘Old Faithful’ shot by L28.


So there-you-have-it.  Time will tell.  I hope I come home with two working cameras!