One short week ago, on January the 14th, 2019, I rode the Trans Siberian Express Railway from the city of Krasnoyarsk East to the city of Novosibirsk. En route the train made a significant (probably 20 minutes as opposed to a 2 minute whistle / flag stop) stop in this small city of MARIINSK             ( МАРИИНСК ).

I was so proud, I mean I was tickled pink  that I could easily and quickly ‘sound out’ the name of the city perfectly. The M / A / K are identical to our M / A / K. The cyrillic P is our R. The two cyrillic letters И И are our I and I. I am not sure why the two letters И И are used. The cyrillic H is our N. The cyrillic C is our S.

I must have proudly said to at least five various railway staff members, as I pointed to the above letters at the top of the railway station saying to them .. MARIINSK. Each of the five just looked at me disinterestedly probably thinking, “So?”

Well, for reasons I myself do not fully understand, I decided that it would be fun to come back here to MARIINSK and spend a few days.

IF anyone has a mind like mine, and your visual senses are being surrounded and ‘bombarded’ by an endless plethora of cyrillic letters, you too would be interested in / and proud to learn all you could about them.

Do you all see MARIINSK ( МАРИИНСК ) below?

Just look at them all below!

I am not kidding you, they are everywhere!

Part 2 of 3 Parts follows this post and discusses our entry into MARIINSK ( МАРИИНСК ).

Sunday late evening, January the 20th, 2019. Hello MARIINSK (МАРИИНСК) RUSSIAN SIBERIA.

How very nice it is to be returning for a real visit.

Goodbye and Goodnight for now.

Cap and Patti

Don’t forget to scroll down for Part 2 of 3 Parts.

4 thoughts on “JAN 21, 19 (Part 1 of 3) .. MARIINSK / МАРИИНСК RUSSIAN SIBERIA

  1. Patti Boone

    WOW, having slow internet there at the hotel in Mariinsk certainly did not keep you from putting up a 3-part, intensive and newsy post! Lots of history in that part of the world. Long, long before all of this WWII history started, during his reign, 1206-1227, and after his death, all or most of Russia, much of Asia, was under the wings of Genghis Khan. Our USA history doesn’t hold a tiny candle compared to what went on on the rest of the planet. Very, very interesting. Smiles and hugs. Patti

    1. cap chastain

      Well, as you and I and many others like to say, the only constant is .. (envelope please) .. CHANGE.

      This time a GOOD CHANGE. Since we like the management here and since they seem to like us, and since there are things we do not know going on, and I don’t understand Wi-Fi ‘routers’, but I DO UNDERSTAND Wi-Fi is not free, all of a sudden the Wi-Fi ‘speed’ picked up considerably. Did the management ‘tweet’ something? Me-thinks maybe yes indeed they changed a setting or did something to increase its speed.

      Ghingiis Khan (the correct Mongolian spelling) was not a particularly benevolent ruler. Did he set the tone for all the next generations of dictatorial ruthless rulers?

      Much Love My Dear One .. Cap

  2. Daniel Boone

    Hey Cap,
    Sounds like you are doing your part to support the local Siberian economy buying lots of bait… sometimes you get hooked when you’re the fish out of water but it sounds like the damage hasn’t been too bad. ($33 bucks for a clean, comfortable hotel room? But then, it IS Siberia.)

    Thanks for all the pics and vicarious adventures!


    1. cap chastain

      Thanks for a great and humorous comment and THANKS back to YOU Danny. This is the first time that you have really gotten-into following along here on dot.net with Patti and I. Soon she’ll be here with me and then you’ll really have fun. Ask Patti to tell you how you can call over here so the two of you can visit by phone starting February 11th, 2019. Smiles .. Cap

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