My friend Gord 48025 gave me the impetus to write this Post. Thanks Gord.

Let’s go back a week or so in time.

JANUARY THE 29th 2019 did not get its fair due.

For one thing, I was traveling on the train from Tayshet to Irkutsk. One doesn’t have time to do much on the train. Then when I got here into Irkutsk, I fell when my wheel chair suddenly got stuck in a hole or a trench and violently threw me forward.

My friend Sergey snapped the above photo and today gave it to me.

For another distraction, our truck was stolen on January 29th.

IF January 29th had feelings it might feel sad.

January 29th 1958, I made the one best single decision of my entire life-to-date, I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps.

January 29th 2019, I began my fourth month of living and traveling here in Russian Siberia. I mean to tell all of you, I had no idea whatsoever on October 29th 2018, when I entered Russia here in Irkutsk, what was in store for me. How on this good earth would I know that on November 29th I would embark on a full two month trip visiting Kyzyl, Abakan, Krasnoyark, Novosibirsk and villages near each of these four major cities and, enroute home from Novosibirsk, spending four nights in both Mariinsk and Tayshet.

I’d like to reminisce a little more but need to get on with the getting on. Isn’t Google something? I had no idea of how to spell reminisce and I just began to throw letters together and there was my word!

Over and Out. I’ve a plane to catch and so too does Patti.

Patti (Seattle here I come ) and Cap (Seoul here I come ).

2 thoughts on “FEB 7, 19 .. IN THE U.S. / FEB 8, 19 .. IN RUSSIA .. BOTH PATTI AND I ARE IN THE AIR FLYING TODAY

  1. Patricia Boone

    Scary to think of that fall out of the wheelchair. Gathering last minute things together for my flight in four hours and the taxi arrival in one hour. I think I am ready!! Hugs, love, Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Who on this good earth would think that a wheelchair ride could become a serious risk to one’s health and well being. There is no telling what could have happened when I was violently thrown forward on onto the ground. Thank goodness it was snowy / icy and slippery so I just slid along and did not snap to a sudden stop. Much Love .. See You SOON I hope .. Cap

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