Live update. Monday February 11th ..

10:16am Monday February 11th 2019. Patti is now in the air on time to land in Seoul at 16:44pm

Live update. Midnight February 10th / 11th ..

It is just after 7am in Seattle on Sunday, February the 10th, and midnight Monday February the 11th here in Seoul. I just spoke with Patti and all systems are go. She will head to the airport at 8am on the Motel ‘6’ shuttle. It appears that as-of-now the snow will not be a problem for her airline departure. Cap

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Sports Fans we are dealing with two (as is 2) February the 10th’s.

February 10th in the U.S.

On Patti’s (and on most of your) February the 10th’s, she will board an airline flight in Seattle, Washington (right red balloon ), and fly North back over Anchorage (center red balloon ) and then West and South to Seoul, South Korea (left red balloon ).



On my February the 10th here in Seoul, South Korea, I spent part of the day getting ready to welcome Patti here tomorrow.

I made a hotel reservation on-line for Patti and myself. This afternoon I went to the hotel, showed them my passport and reservation confirmation data, and made sure all was correct and in order. Happily it all was perfect.

Then I visited the Korean War Memorial here in Seoul, went to a meeting this evening and am now catching you all up on our doings.

Over and Out for now. Soon Patti and I will be living in the same day / date / time.

Much Joy .. From the two of us .. Patti and Cap

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