This afternoon the stress / the strain / the rigors of the long trip over here suddenly ‘caught-up-with’ Patti.

As a rule, Patti never-ever  takes naps.

And me?

And Cap your Captain? I may not be the King-of-Naps but I will rival the King whoever and where ever he is.

We two had made-plans at 3pm to take a relatively long walk up the road (it is UP  an incline) in front of our hotel and proceed into the famous shopping area of Seoul, South Korea, known as Itaewon.

To prepare for this slightly arduous walk, I lay down at 1:30pm to take a ‘nap’. Patti was happily sitting up in bed propped against a pile of pillows behind her back reading a book on her Kindle Reader.


At 2:50pm, ten minutes before our scheduled departure time, I woke up. I looked across at the adjoining twin-bed and ..

Patti was gone. Patti was dead-to-the-world. Our exhausted Patti had, with no ability to stave-off the fatigue, toppled over in bed and was out-like-a-light.

I oh, so very quietly, got up, tip-toed out of our room, went downstairs, called Terry our friend who was prepared to pick the two of us up at the Hamilton Hotel at 6:30pm and changed our plan to come here to our Crown Hotel and pick us up here.

Sometime later Patti awoke, looked over at me, and said, “I took a nap.”

We two had a good giggle.

Then this evening, at 6:30pm, out and off we went to one great meeting here in Seoul.


That is that for Tuesday the 13th of February 2019 from ..

Patti and Cap

Don’t forget ( I most certainly did ) THAT tomorrow IS VALENTINE’S DAY.

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