“Patti My Dear One?”

“Yes Cap?”

“Today let’s do something that I have wanted to do since last November 2018 when I first ate at a restaurant just up the street.

I want to take you to lunch at The Restaurant ТРАПЄЗНИКОВ / TRAPEZNIKOV.”

The Restaurant ТРАПЄЗНИКОВ. It is a very clean translation .. TRAPEZNIKOV.

Our flat here in Irkutsk (upper red balloon ) is a very easy 12-minute walk up the street to The Restaurant ТРАПЄЗНИКОВ (lower red balloon ).

Not all restaurants are on Google Maps. I believe they must pay a fee to be so clearly shown.


The time has come to go inside of ..


The door on the right side above opens into a private dining room.

Now we will turn to our right and enter the main dining room.

The time has come to order our lunch.

Patti ordered an Avocado / Pear Salad. She really enjoyed it.

I ordered a Russian Salad. I too enjoyed my salad. The drizzle is NOT chocolate!

Bread is a separate item on the menu to be ordered separately. The mini-loaves were fun.

Our lunch looked as shown below.

“So far so good My Dear One Patti?”

“Oh yes!”

Let’s have a little Desert to top-off our lunch.

Below was a Cherry Cake. On top of the cake (which you cannot see in the photos) are fresh cherries. There is nothing under the red lid.

The cake must have been baked in round, muffin-like pieces. Then between the pieces was whipped cream. We ate the cherries off the top and then the cake below. It was very good.

Then we enjoyed our ice cream. It is a little easier to see.

Together our two deserts looked as shown below.

The time has come to Pay The Piper. Nifty little treasure chest holding our bill.

Inside the treasure chest were two pieces of a very minty chewing gum.

“My Dear Patti did you enjoy our lunch here at The Restaurant ТРАПЄЗНИКОВ / TRAPEZNIKOV?”

“Oh Yes! I really enjoyed everything! Thank You so very much MY DEAR ONE.”

Let’s not talk while the flavor lasts!

Smiles from Cap and Hugs from Patti as we continue to tough-it-out here in exile over in Russian Siberia.

Post Script : For me to eat in such an elegant restaurant is so completely foreign to me it borders on insanity! As you all can see, fine dining means very small portions elegantly presented. This is NOT my style at all!

So how did all of this come about?

The very first evening I was in Irkutsk, I was hungry and hadn’t gotten any food into my new apartment. It was past 9pm and the local convenience store was closed.

Right next door to the convenience store, I had spied this ritzy, fancy, high dollar, exclusive, magnificent restaurant with the odd name.

рεсторан Трапεэников (restaurant Trapeznikov)

In I walked. The staff were extremely welcoming and polite and said, “We have no seating available Sir.”

“Do you do take-out food / take-away food?”

They looked at me blankly. Then they disappeared into the back to consult with someone.

They reappeared and said I could have some soup to take-away.

I got my soup. A half litre of soup cost me US $11.84.

It was high dollar exotic soup. It was good. It satisfied me. Lord God I was so hungry I ate stuff I would not have eaten if I knew what it was. Fish is what it was. And I lived through the night thanks to God and the staff of the рεсторан Трапεэников.

So I had a soft-spot in my heart for the рεсторан Трапεэников.

And I vowed to go back and eat a meal with them which I did. Then I vowed to take Patti here with me when she got here to Irkutsk.

Now you know ..

The Rest Of The Story about The Restaurant ТРАПЄЗНИКОВ / TRAPEZNIKOVU.

What did our lunch cost? Bottom line : US $26.62 (1,730 Russian Rubles)

Patti’s Salad : US $9.85

My Salad : US $8.46

The Bread : US $0.76

Cherry  Cake : US $3.38

Ice Cream : US $1.08

Tip : US $3.09 (200 Russian Rubles)

By the way, tipping is not common nor expected.

Personally I am quite comfortable with the cost of lunch in this fine restaurant. In fact it seems very reasonable to me.


  1. Gullible

    And now, Brasserie bbb Karla Marksa St., 41/1, Irkutsk 664011, Russia

    Rated #3 of 811 restaurants in Irkutsk, by Trip Advisor.

    No dainty portions there!

        1. Cap Chastain Post author

          It IS on-our-list to find and then to try. We are at a small disadvantage finding places and then getting to them BUT this one we will find and eat at and I do KNOW roughly where it is. Thanks. Cap and Patti

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