We have been having unusually warm weather with clear blue skies here in Irkutsk. This morning I said to Patti :

“If we were in Alaska, I’d say those are ‘snow skies’.”

In about an hour it began to snow. The snow continued on into the evening.

Tomorrow? Only The Shadow Knows!

Just in case you have not checked blogspot, I published two posts dated MAR 7 today :

To some of you, perhaps Posts such as the two above may not seem like much. Basically they took me most of the day to put together.

This evening we went to a meeting. That alone takes up about four hours of our time. Getting ready to go out. Driving to and from the meeting can take as much as an hour going. After the meetings, the traffic is far less and the return trip home can be only 15 or 20 minutes. Many of the meetings here are either 1-1/2 or 2 hours.

For now we’ll say over and out.

Cap and Patti


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