Did you welcome in Daylight Savings Time  by setting all of your clocks ahead one full hour?

Happy Birthday to my son David, born March 10th 1962.

Happy Birthday Jason, born March 10th 1978.

Too funny Jason! Based on my having a son age 57, I am old enough to be YOUR Grand Father! Now THAT is food for thought. Is this true, or have counting all of my fingers and all of my toes let me down?

For all of the rest of you, I spent most of the day launching a 63 photo Post over on blogspot.

It is too soon to reveal details to you a possible upcoming trip BUT it appears that Patti and I will have some fascinating travel news to share with you all soon.

Smiling Cap and Hugs from Patti.

2 thoughts on “MAR 10, 19 .. TWO HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAYS

  1. Catherine Raye-Wong

    Hi Cap and Patti!
    Love following along every couple of days.
    Stay well, and keep posting!
    You encourage us to keep seeing what this great world has to offer and that we all have something to contribute.

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