Hello Everyone, Cap asked me if I would please put up a short Post so here goes:

From Patti :

We got into Yakutsk safely very early in the morning today Friday the 22nd, about 3 a.m. and to the apartment friends here had reserved for us. The -30°C (-22°F) temperature upon our arrival was not all that daunting. The temperature as I write now at 3:40 p.m. is a balmy -13°C (+8°F) and the kids down below are playing on the playground equipment! This isn’t exactly the end of the road .. however, there is no road access to Yakutsk except for driving on the ice of the Lena River during the dead of winter. During the summer there is ferry access to Yakutsk across the Lena River that connects Yakutsk to the Lena Highway.

The three people who greeted us at the airport were warm and very welcoming. Alexander, a new friend who came an hour or so ago, speaks some English. Alexander was born and raised here. He and Cap are now out shopping for groceries. Oh by the way, Alexander got our Wi-Fi activated and turned on!

Our apartment is a large 2 bedroom apartment where we have settled into one bedroom. It is on the 3rd floor and looks out over a neighborhood that seems to be close to downtown. For all the talk about how cold it is here, I had to open a window last night for some fresh air! When I awoke this morning, a bottle of water I set by the window to hold it in place during the night was half filled with a vertical column of ice! Talk about some cold water to wake-up-to!

So, our first day in Yakutsk so far has been a great beginning. We are happy to have the opportunity to be here. By the way, on our flight here last night, Cap and I were both impressed with how orderly and polite everyone of the passengers were. Much quieter and gentler than passengers in the states.

Hugs! Patti and Cap

Thank You My Dear One for ‘stepping-up’ for me.

Below is a link to the Wikipedia entry for Yakutsk.

In the above link, scroll down to Transportation to read :

Yakutsk is a destination of the Lena Highway. The city’s connection to that highway is only usable by ferry in the summer, or in the dead of winter, by driving directly over the frozen Lena River, since Yakutsk lies entirely on its western bank, and there is no bridge anywhere in the Sakha Republic that crosses the Lena. The river is impassable for long periods of the year when it contains loose ice, when the ice cover is not thick enough to support traffic, or when the water level is too high and the river is turbulent with spring flooding. The highway ends on the eastern bank of Lena in Nizhny Bestyakh (Нижний Бестях), an urban-type settlement of some four thousand people. Yakutsk is connected with Magadan by the Kolyma Highway.

Below are photos showing our apartment here in YAKUTSK (ЯКУТСК) RUSSIAN SIBERIA.

Talk about a very nice place to spend a week! Just ‘scroll-down’ and have a look-see!

A photo of our entrance hallway.

Below are photos of our ‘front’ bedroom.

As I saw the ‘front’ bedroom I told Patti : “A lady must own this apartment. No man would have it fixed up like this!”

Once upon a time, the ladies had a saying : When I am old I shall wear purple. Go ahead, click on the below link and read on ..

So when I saw the below ‘front’ bedroom, I thought of the above ‘ditty’!!

I shot the above and below photos in the daylight.

The below photo shows a clothes drying rack and ironing board in the ‘front’ bedroom.

On the left below you can see our ‘back’ bedroom in the distance.

Below we come to some photos of our ‘back’ bedroom.

Patti and I are ‘camped-out’  here in the ‘back’ bedroom. We did not want to disturb the ‘fancy-fixings’ that you see in the above ‘front’ bedroom.

Moving right along here we see our kitchen. How nice of our hosts to have a 20-liter bottle of safe drinking water all set up for us!

I have ‘set-up-shop’ here in our kitchen!

Our two, very separate, necessary rooms.

Below are three photos (panning from left to right) taken of the ‘view’ from our ‘back’ bedroom. Note if you will the nice children’s playground.

Now we look out (panning from left to right) at the ‘view’ from our ‘front’ bedroom.

Now we are going outside and show you our building as you see it from the parking area.

We are on the third floor. When it is ‘in-operation’ we have an elevator. So far it has only been ‘inoperative’ for one short time period and I walked up with no problem. Luckily Patti was ‘home’ in our flat and has not had to hike up the stairs (yet ).

Well! There you have it! Photos of Cap and Patti ‘roughing-it’  here in the wilds of remote Yakutsk, Russian Siberia.

While I was out shopping for groceries with Alexander, we visited two major tourist attractions here in Yakutsk.

The Gradoyakutskiy Transfiguration Cathedral

How is it the saying goes : I think that I shall never see, a poem lovely as a tree.

That echoes how I feel about seeing the various Russian Orthodox Churches.

Vladimir Lenin Square

There can be no doubt that Mister Vladimir Lenin is held in high regard by many in Russia. He’s not quite as lovely as a tree but still, he IS what he was.

Well Ladies and Gentlemen .. Sports Fans everywhere .. There you have it for our first day here in YAKUTSK ( ЯКУТСК ) RUSSIAN SIBERIA.

Smiles from Cap and Hugs from Patti

Oh By The Way .. We attended a meeting this evening. Both Patti and I, as well as our Irkutsk host Sergey, each spoke for 15-minutes. It was one great meeting. We will be active in meetings all weekend as we three are here to present a weekend seminar for the local members.

Yes, since this is a program of honesty, this Post got-away-from-me  now didn’t it? Said smiling from ear-to-ear.

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    1. cap chastain

      It is a great apartment. Much to see is an understatement. Much to see and much to do. We are here to ‘carry our message’ and this involved meetings from Friday through Sunday. In addition some sight seeing. Thanks for your comment Gullible. Smiles Cap and Hugs Patti.

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