Today it is Monday, April the 1st, 2019.

I haven’t heard the below term / event / activity used in quite a few years :


I am not sure why but the silliness and yes, the subtle joy of April Fools Day Pranks and Jokes on one another has fallen from our active vocabulary. Perhaps as age and the intensity and the earnestness thereof overtakes us, we are remiss to be playing APRIL FOOLS DAY PRANKS on one another.

The two of us have more than a few friends literally facing and dealing with health challenges to remain alive. We two are indeed blessed with being surrounded by so much external stimulation that we are not able to focus entirely upon our own very real health issues and challenges.

One of the most overpowering sources of external stimulation that we come face-to-face with on a daily basis are the Russian words that we can’t possibly avoid constantly seeing when we are out-and-about.

So I thought that I’d lighten up just a little and get into a new sub-topic :


Try this beauty out : БАЛЬЗАМ  

It translates perfectly :

Б – B 

А – A

Л – L

Ь – This lad has little or no sound.

З – Z

А – A

M- M

Here is the issue .. Here is the fun if you choose to have fun.

I do not have a vocabulary  to tell me what BALZAM is or means.

Now I just used Google Translate and now I know that БАЛЬЗАМ – BALZAM means BALM.

But when I am out riding the tram or walking or riding in a car and am being bombarded with all of these words I do not have a dictionary nor a high-tech translation device with me.

I am of the strong belief that all of this external stimulation (which we do NOT get at home in the U.S.) is very good for us. IF I am busily (and I am) trying to ‘sound out’ all of these strange Russian words I am NOT thinking of my own various aches and pains (and yes indeed I do have them).

So far Patti has not indicated any fascination with the Russian Cyrillic alphabet.

Smiles and Hugs .. Cap and Patti



2 thoughts on “APR 1, 19 .. (April Fool) TODAY’S WORD FROM RUSSIA : БАЛЬЗАМ

  1. Tom Engel

    The Mall looks as big as any I’ve seen in USA. Glad you are enjoying visit together. All good here, Ginny working tonight. Via con Dios – Hi to all Fellowship folks there in Siberia.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Tom, with regard to the mega-Mall here, for sure ! You are absolutely correct ! The Mall at 130 KVARTAL here in Irkutsk is certainly as big, if not bigger, than most of the Malls in the U.S. We sure are enjoying it here. Happy Ginny is working. Will say hi to all Friends of Bill. Cap and Patti

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