Our close friend Gullible published (in part) the below comment to our Post dated APR 6, 19 :

By the way, some time ago when you were first in Irkutsk, you wrote that you were surprised the populace knew about huskies. Siberia is where Siberian huskies were first bred, so yes, they would know about them. And the dogs you visited sure look like Siberian huskies to me.

In our reply to Gullible’s comment we wrote :

Thanks Gullible. Yes indeed it was a most enjoyable weekend. Now for the Rest of the Story : I am going to write a further reply to your comment about the huskies on today’s dot.net (APR 8, 19) Post. So look for it. Hugs Patti and Smiles Cap

Taa-Daa, below is our further reply to Gullible’s comment.

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Today’s Rhetorical Question : Are they Siberian Huskies or are they Alaskan Huskies?

Whatever they are, be they Siberian or be they Alaskan, they ARE Huskies.

Oh My! Huskies love attention from their mistress!

She was NOT handing out ‘Husky treats’. She was just petting them.

Talk about adoration for The Mistress of the Pack!

“That’s it Mom. Just the right place for a little scratching!” Look at the love in the eyes of the white husky in the very lower left below.

Contentment. Absolute contentment on his face.

Eye to Eye. Husky to Mistress.

The poor lad (third from the left below) sure looks bored doesn’t he?

He is thinking : “I was taking a nice nap when our Mistress awoke me to show all of us off to some more tourists!”

“You had a question Gullible?”

“I know he is a male. They are all males because their Mistress pointed out the only two females in the gaggle of Huskies.”

“Oops Gullible! Maybe I spoke too soon. I am not sure about the puppies.”

The puppies mother (not shown) checked up on her puppies from time to time.

Are they sweet? Or ARE THEY SWEET?

Our friend Sergey posing for a ‘selfie’ with the white husky that was leaning on his left shoulder ‘posing’.

I am not positive but I think that the below lad is the alpha-male.

A terrible fight erupted between him and another husky. It was all that their Mistress and Sergey could do to break them apart. Patti and I just got-far-away! He was ‘banished to Siberia’ to chill-out!

So nice we could get so close to the huskies. They just seemed to love the attention.

One last look at Patti. We were leaving and she had left their enclosure. She could NOT resist some more petting. Nor could the huskies.


“Yes little ceramic husky?”

“Dad! IF I try hard enough, long enough, do you think that I can become a real-live Husky Dad?”

“Well! According to the story about the Velveteen Rabbit, maybe you too can become real!”

“Thanks Dad! I’ll keep trying!”

And now ..


Gullible? What are they?

Siberian? Alaskan?

Patti and I ‘found’ them on Trip Advisor.

Here, in Baykalsk RUSSIAN SIBERIA this kennel is titled ..

Alaskan Malamute.

“You don’t believe us Gullible?”

Well! Please click onto the below link :


To all of the many of you who leave us comments : We THANK YOU so very much.

Smiles from Ear-to-Ear.

Hugs from Top-of-our-Heads to the Tips-of-Our-Toes.

Patti and Cap

Post Script : We are now back ‘home’ in Irkutsk Russian Siberia. What a weekend it was!

By the way : I snapped one hundred and nine (109) photos during our visit. I deleted sixty three (63). The huskies were in almost constant motion so many photos were blurred or otherwise not acceptable. This is a very high percentage (58%) of photo deletions for me.


  1. Gullible

    Now that is interesting! Size is the main difference the average person notes between Malemutes and Siberians. One was bred to pull heavy freight and the other, to race. The Alaskan Malamute generally weighs 75 to 85 pounds in adulthood.

    The Siberian Husky, in contrast, typically weighs 35 to 60 pounds as an adult, and obviously is no where near as bulky.

    Both breeds are pure bred and recognized by the American Kennel Club. The Alaska husky is not pure bred and can be a mixture of many other breeds.

    If you look at the below site, you can readily see the difference and why I thought the dogs were Siberians.


  2. cap chastain

    Thanks so much for your comment Gullible. I waited until I had the time to really read and study your link. Great information. We sure enjoyed our visit to the kennel. That is for sure. What a kick to see Alaska Malamute as a Trip Advisor attraction and to be located in the Lake Baikal region of Russian Siberia.

    Cap and Patti .. Smiling both

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