Today is ‘Good Friday ‘ ..

If I am correct, we pause on this day we call ‘Good Friday ‘  to pay our deepest respects to Jesus of Nazareth who was nailed to a wooden Cross and crucified on a Friday some twenty or so centuries ago.

Today’s Rhetorical Question :

Why do we call it ‘Good  Friday ‘ ?

Easter Sunday is a good day  because we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. But the Friday when he was crucified?

Just up the street, one short block South of our flat, is our local church.

I visited it to pay my respects.

Our local church is visitor’s attraction number 8 here in Irkutsk. Quite an honor to be so high up on important places to see and to visit here in Irkutsk.

I found it interesting / rather shocking to find that there was no (at least not publicly) Good Friday service.

Post Script : Thanks to Detroit Tiger Tom, I learned that the Russian Orthodox Church calendar for year 2019, honors Good Friday NEXT Friday, April the 26th.  

This evening Patti and I went to dinner at Fuller’s restaurant, which is also very close to our flat here in Irkutsk.

Fuller’s is a comfortable, yet upscale, restaurant.

Our dinner above and below.

For Patti and I, it was a good .. ‘Good Friday ‘.

With deepest respects ..

Cap and Patti

2 thoughts on “APR 19, 19 .. TODAY’S RHETORICAL QUESTION .. ‘ GOOD FRIDAY ‘ ?

  1. Tom Engel

    Cap, here is a Rhetorical Question back to you : Is Easter Sunday on the Russian Orthodox Church calendar on the same Sunday we celebrate it? Just thought that I’d ask. We attended a Good Friday service down here in Nevada. Tom and Ginny

  2. cap chastain

    Too, I mean TOO TOO funny Tom! Bingo. YOU are ‘right on’. Orthodox Easter is next Sunday the 28th of April! So that answers why they did not have a service today the 19th on ‘Good Friday’ .. Great to have you on our team here Tom. Smiles from Irkutsk, Russian Siberia, to you and to Ginny.

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