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Back for a short re-visit to video game addictions.

Some of you may just ‘blow this issue off’ as no-big-deal.

OK. Read the below true story.

My Fiancee plays a game called ‘Lords Mobile’.

In the first month, she spent more that $20,000.00 on this game. She has now been playing this game for nearly 7 months. At this point she is nearly $65,000.00 in debt. She has been hiding the debt from me, until two weeks ago when I came across her Visa bill. I went through our bank records and I nearly threw up.

We are literally going to loose our house over this game. I am currently going to a debt consolidation agency to try and get the credit card debt under control.

I knew she had been playing this game obsessively for months (she sleeps with her phone, with the game running, in case her guild gets attacked), but I had absolutely no idea about the massive amounts of money she was paying for in-game purchases.

I am realizing this game has much more in common with online gambling than anything else.

The worst part is, despite all this – she *refuses* to stop playing the god-damn game.

I have given her until the end of this month to sell her IGG gaming account and quit – otherwise we are separating.

OK. So you still think that video game addiction is no-big-deal?

Anything that blows the life of real human beings to pieces is very serious.

Patti and Cap


  1. Olga

    Cap, I see your concern on the topic above but I don’t see your comments on it… You always have unique approaches to various topics. Is there a place for the question “What to do?” here? Will your answer be … “nothing”?…

      1. Olfa

        Thank you, Cap, for the reply. Everything is clear. I knew the answer, I learned it from our meetings but I thought…. there is some another way…
        This approach makes me think that methodists who invent new ways to teach children and usually don’t have classes at school (having practice of recovering from ignorance) only … softly saying… spend teachers’ time for the experiments they must have to carry themselves… And what about SCIENCE which helps them to create new ways?… I feel IT should help to get rid of any addiction…?

  2. Olga

    Today I’ve read all the tabs and surfed through some links in your DOXOLOGY… There is only one question if I’m going to go to bed…. Yes! I am to… I promised my two cats to warm them. And I’m looking forward to my discoveries due to your Baba Kaps DOXOLOGY. ♥

  3. Tom

    Gambling is a tough one. To me, just IMHO – underlying ego problem is the same as drinking – “I Shall Manage” = the ism ‘I can Beat the system’ cause I’m a Special Man. I S M .

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Tom, you used the acronym .. IMHO .. in your comment. I take IMHO to mean: In My Honest Opinion. Am I correct?

      Tom, IMHO, all addiction begins with NOT wanting to be in the present. Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling, you-name-it, take us out of the present because we don’t like how we feel and want to feel differently. Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling, you-name-it, take us out of the now / out of the present and how we are feeling. Then some of us, the addiction kicks in, and we have one hard time stopping the behavior to the point that Tom, 95% to 97%, don’t stop / can’t stop / won’t stop and pay a terrible price from death to a total wreckage of one’s life. IMHO Tom.

      Smiling .. Cap

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