I am figuratively ‘scratching my head’ as to what else to write here.

All that really-counts is I am alive and well, safely back in Irkutsk. Now the work of re-entry begins.

I could write a very long, short story, about today and about my leaving Hong Kong as well.

My arrival into Irkutsk last night, and my processing, beginning with my departing the airplane to arriving here at home-in-Irkutsk was one enormous..


Fatigue, exhaustion, the stress of a day of International travel with all that entails, not having Patti here with me, all adds up to this being just a touch-base.

For now it is..

Over And Out..


4 thoughts on “JUL 24, 19 .. I AM BACK IN IRKUTSK, RUSSIAN SIBERIA.

  1. Patricia Boone

    I keep envisioning you back in the flat in Irkutsk and it brings back so many of my own wonderful memories of our “home” there. Tell the flat hello for me; tell the neighborhood hello for me; when you get to a river walk, give my regards to that very special ambiance. It IS nice to be home, but, BUT, I miss you! Love and hugs. Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      I also miss you as well. There are a slew of items here that are concerned that you are not here. As I threw away a brochure for New Zealand Pies it said : “Dad! Why are you throwing me away?” All five (three small and two large) of your cold-water, water bottles, are also wondering what will become of them. Oh yes I will, and have been saying Hello from you to the flat and ‘your’ things here.

      Smiling with Much Love .. Cap

  2. Thomas Engel

    Cap – ty for e mail r/e Helen & meeting her pal Mark in H. Kong, SMALL SMALL World, huh? – GLAD you guys are OUT of Hong Kong – seems to be a bit of turmoil there, I hope it simmers down, but I think it’s good you are back in Siberia, & Patti back up in AK. All good here, just dropped Ginny off @ her job. Via con Dios – hello to all our “friends” in Irkutsk & neighboring cities from Mohave Desert NV USA.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Tom, your writing there seems a bit of turmoil in Hong Kong is one VAST UNDERSTATEMENT. Frankly Tom we two both are happy to be far away from HKG. Nice to hear all is well, all is swell in the Mohave Desert of Nevada. Hong Kong was hot enough for us. Thanks for your support Tom. Cap and Patti

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