AUG 5, 19 .. FOR PATTI ..

In all of the Universe..
In all of this World..
Patti is the one, and Patti is the only one human being that has lived this-story with me and can fully appreciate it and the photographs.
During my stay here in our Irkutsk flat, dating back to November 8th, 2018, daily, several times a day, rain or snow, freezing cold or uncomfortably warm temperatures, an elderly blind man who lives on the top floor of our building has been doing his walking regimen out in front of our building.
Back and Forth. Forth and Back. He is a fixture. He is a constant. We can hear the tap-tap-tapping of his white cane if we listen closely and know he is out walking.
On July the 5th, Patti and I left Irkutsk and flew to Hong Kong. I returned to Irkutsk after midnight on July the 25th so I was gone for a total of 20 days.
I did not miss our blind man on my first day back, July 25th. Then after several days back, suddenly I thought about him and began to actively look for him.
Then I told Patti : “Patti, I have not seen our blind man.”
Then the questions : Was he OK. Did he pass away. Is he out-of-town for vacation.
Here is the sad thing. Going back to last November of 2018, before Patti arrived in February 2019, when Russian friends of mine here in Irkutsk were visiting here at our flat I began to point him out and to ask them : “Will you speak to him in Russian? Tell him I admire his courage. Give him my name. Maybe shake his hand so I can greet him?” 
To a man, not one of the four friends I asked this favor of would oblige (do as someone asks or desires in order to help or please them) me.
Then suddenly the other day he appeared.
In these photos, he is walking to our right as we look out of our window.
I immediately called Patti with the good news. She too was thrilled.
Then more questions : Does he have any ‘visual’ recall of this area that he walks so often? Does he know what hollyhocks are? Has he seen them?
Below are photos of his path. It is 80 of my normal paces in-length or a little over 200 feet. Doing my best to mimic his pace-of-walking, it took me 1-1/2 minutes to make the trip in one direction. That would be a 3 minute round trip at me walking at his pace. Then I ‘timed’ one of his actual round trips and it was 5 minutes and 27 seconds. I wonder how long it would be for me ‘blindfolded’.
The first set of photos below show him going to the left (as we look out of our window).
Below is an actual photo of him about to reach the brick wall at the end of his walk.
If he were to then turn to his left 90°, he would then have to navigate the below scene which I am aware he sometimes does. 
Now we will turn around and walk with him back the other direction.
He has now reached the end of his walk going to our right.
If he were to then turn to his right 90°, he would then have to navigate the below scene to get to the main street in front of our building. I am aware that he also has done this to get to a store closeby.
Now just in case some other followers have followed along here with Patti, I want to stress the below point :
This blind gentleman has had a most profound impact upon me. 
To make my point consider the next photos.
“I wonder how on earth a blind person would navigate puddles.”
Or : “I wonder how on earth a blind person would navigate the nightmare that crossing the street must be.”
Kind Sir ! I thank you for your courage ! I salute you for your life ! I wish you all good things !
Thank You My Dear One for having made the journey all the way over here to be with me so that we two can share so many special memories together.
Much Love .. Cap

2 thoughts on “AUG 5, 19 .. FOR PATTI ..

  1. Boone

    This neighbor of ours in our Irkutsk location is truly an amazing man. In spite of his blindless, he gets on with his life, walking this driveway each and every day, several times a day. How many people have that kind of self disipline? It was very distressing when you did not see him for the first few days that you were back at the flat. Maybe he was away visiting family or friends. What a relief it was when you did see him again! The journey over there to join you was well worth the effort. I keep telling people here it was one of the best, if not the best, foreign countries we have ever visited and one of the best experiences all the way around. We DO have many special memories, MANY!! Smiles, love, hugs. Patti

  2. Cap Chastain Post author

    He truly is one special gentleman. I just wish I could greet him in a meaningful manner. I’ve no idea why my Russian friends would NOT approach him. Happy you are happy with the effort the trip over here took. Yes I could live here and that is for sure. Much Love Back .. Cap

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