Once upon a time, perhaps ten or more years ago, I was in a meeting and a fellow member who was approaching his ten-year-anniversary said : “I’ve never been at this point before.”

I silently thought to myself (I did NOT say it) : “This is why we do this one-day-at-a-time.”

I did say : “None of us, not one of us, has ever been where we are right now before.”

Which is to say : This morning, the morning of Friday August the 9th 2019, here in Irkutsk Russian Siberia, I am experiencing a morning and a time and a date that I have never experienced before.

Now IF I was in Alaska and it was early September.. Now IF I was in Michigan and it was in mid-October.. I could at least say : Well I have been here at-this-point-in-time in previous years and, looking back in time, I have the experience of knowing how it felt in those yester-years.

This morning, Friday morning the 9th of August 2019, here in Irkutsk Russian Siberia, as I stepped outside, it felt to me like the first day of Autumn had arrived.

I can’t describe the indescribable. If you have experienced it, and I’m positive most of you have, you know the feeling. The air was just a tad ‘crisp’. The air had a certain ‘odor’ to it, a ‘feeling’ to it. 

I guess I could call one of my Irkutsk friends (Patti : Sergey 2 ) and ask him. 

I did call him :

“Hi Sergey. This is Cap. Since you have lived here all of your life, does it feel to you like Autumn has begun?” .. “Does Autumn begin in early to mid August?”

“What Cap?”

“Sergey. Do you know what Autumn is?”

“What Cap?”

“Autumn is the Fall.”

“What Cap?”

“The time when Summer ends and before Winter begins.”

“Yes осень.

“What Sergey?”

“Osen.”  .. “When Summer falls down.”

“That’s it Sergey!”

“Is this the time when осень (osen) begins here in Irkutsk Sergey?”

“Yes Cap.”

“Do you think that осень (osen) has begun Sergey?”

“Yes Cap. осень (osen) has begun.”

Patti loves the Spring. Patti was deeply moved to see Spring come to Irkutsk and the budding out and the greening of the plants.

I myself love the Autumn. I am deeply moved to suddenly feel that Autumn just may have arrived here in Irkutsk Russian Siberia.

Now I recall yesterday evening. I was down by the Angara River for a spiritual evening walk-with-Patti. Suddenly I noticed that all of the concession tents had disappeared. I did not think too much about it yesterday evening.

They knew. The concessionaires knew : “осень (osen) is upon us. It is time to put our tents away for the year.”

Whew. осень. osen. During the night last night, осень (osen) silently slipped into Irkutsk.

The Seasons of the year. The Seasons of life itself.

Cap and Patti

Post Script :

Can This Be : This Post is the twelve hundredth (1200) Post here on One Thousand and Two Hundred (1,200) Posts since Andrej established and opened this website back on August the 16th 2011. Below is a link to that very first Post.

Thanks to all of you who have supported Andrej, Patti and myself for (now almost) eight years (August 16th 2019). 

4 thoughts on “AUG 9, 19 .. CAN THIS BE .. AUTUMN IN IRKUTSK .. ON AUGUST 9TH ?

  1. Patricia Boone

    There definitely is a ‘feeling’ when fall moves in on the heels of summer. Seems early for it to be happening in Siberia, but, Siberia continues to be new experiences! I love all the seasons, and fall is always welcome. We are no where near (I say this with just a little hesitation) feeling fall moving in here in Alaska. The last two days have been challenging record highs. Like Siberia though, fall could happen when we least expect it. Seasons keep us in suspense to some extent! Smiles, hugs, love. Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Happy that you ‘know’ about ‘feeling’ the arrival of a season. In Anchorage (with termination dust) you can also ‘see’ the arrival of Winter. THAT IS something! Now I will get to see (as I look back during my final month here) IF what I am feeling now turns out to be the real deal. Much Love My Dear One .. Cap

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