This morning I thought to myself : “Was it just yesterday that I finalized my plans to leave Irkutsk on Monday, September the 9th?”

It seems like it was ‘forever ago’ and not just 24-hours ago. 

This feels real : My suspicion that Autumn was arriving last Friday, August 9th, seems to have been a sound observation. I am definitely feeling that the changing of the seasons is underway here in Irkutsk. 

A little chit chat with Patti :

A Hollyhock update.

The tallest one seems to be budding out at its top but not yet further down.

As you can see, moving to the right from the above photos, there are still a lot of buds yet to blossom.


There you have it My Dear One, your Hollyhock update.


2 thoughts on “AUG 11, 19 .. TIME IS AN ILLUSION .. A MYTH

  1. Patricia Boone

    Oh my, oh my. Thank you for the update on the hollyhocks. As much as I love flowers, I was never before familiar with hollyhocks! It has been fun to follow these from the time they were just sprouting a foot or so off the ground. Also fun to see the building in the background that houses our flat there in Irkutsk! Smiling warmly, sending hugs. Patti

    1. cap chastain

      Whodda Thunk that one side benefit of you coming here to Russian Siberia would be ‘your discovery’ of Hollyhocks! Amazing! Whodda Thunk when they were but a foot or so off the ground some would exceed 7-feet in height. I am feeling warm smiles and hugs. Much Love. Cap

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