I am physically IN Baykalsk, Russian Siberia. I have come here to participate in a Convention and will be here today (Friday the 16th), tomorrow and Sunday. We will leave on Sunday afternoon and return to Irkutsk. Who are we? Myself and five other member of the Fellowship.

I have a hotel room and the place is jumping with excitement as members are arriving from various places.

I am not able to get Wi-Fi in my room so I am in the front office of the hotel ( The Yut Hotel ) as people are checking in and watching this 82-year old senior citizen ‘getting-it-on’ at his laptop.

The Wi-Fi is slow. 

So I am going to try to publish this and see if it goes into cyber-space and ends up on-line.

From Baykalsk, Russian Siberia .. Cap

4 thoughts on “AUG 16, 19 .. PART 1 OF 2 PARTS .. BAYKALSK RUSSIAN SIBERIA

  1. Patricia Boone

    Welcome back to Baykalsk! I could hear the energy in the background when we just spoke a moment ago, and you do well around energy!! Hope the weekend turns out well. Love, Patti

    1. cap chastain

      I also hope it turns out well. By now you and I have spoken several times and I have managed to get PART 2 of 2 PARTS published. It sure looks to be a promising Convention. I managed to get in a solid, one hour nap after the afternoon meeting adjourned. Much Love .. Cap

  2. Tom

    Hey Mr. Cap – Glad to see you made it to the Conference. So, I assume the roads/floods/weather were all “ok” to go. I was looking at news from Royal Oak today – my grandson Declan & his dad Doug were at the Kick Off of the Dream Cruise. I do wish I was up there for that, but, I will be there in MI Tues. Aug. 20th. I MAY hit the MI State Conf. We will see. It gets to be a race to see/do/visit everyone in a short time. My favorite group there has a Picnic/ Open Talk/Get Together Sunday – each year @ Memorial Park the Sunday after the Dream Cruise. Anyway – checking in, saying Hi & tell all the Fellowship they Have friends in Nevada/& Michigan God Bless – enjoy the event Vaya con Dios Tom

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Yes Sir Tom, the weather was beautiful yesterday on Friday the 16th. Today it has rained all day with a few breaks. You have been to many Dream Cruises so missing one isn’t too critical. Yes I recall those Sunday meetings in Memorial Park on the Dream Cruise Sunday. Safe travels next week Tom. Cap IN Baykalsk, Russian Siberia.

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