My amazing friends in Vladivostok, and my amazing friends here in Irkutsk,  helped me immensely.

In Vladivostok, Aleksey drove me to the airport and Olesya (my Vladivostok Master Mind) rode with us to translate and to make-things-happen. From Aleksey’s Flat in Vladivostok, the drive was just a few minutes over one full hour. We left Aleksey’s Flat at 1638 hours (4:38pm) and were at the airport at 1750 hours (5:50pm). Even with it being a Tuesday afternoon ‘rush hour’ we made great time.



We parked and got my bags into the Terminal. At 1830 hours (6:30pm) the check-in process began. Olesya managed to get me in the Number 2 position in the check-in line.

For By This Time Sanity Has Returned : I opted for wheel chair assistance.

When I flew from Irkutsk to Vladivostok on August 20th it was a great mistake on my part NOT to take wheel chair assistance.

The flight backed away from the jetway five minutes early.

I loved my S7 Airlines Dinner immensely!

I was hungry and the Chicken Pasta was wonderful.

It was a very successful flight. We were spot-on-time landing in Irkutsk as scheduled.

And there was Sergey P to meet me! Some how he got himself into the baggage claim area and my bag was Number 1 (the first) on the baggage conveyor! To the flat on 5th Armii Street we motored. It took me just over an hour to get into bed.

And That Is That for yet another airline flight.

Next Monday, September 9th, I head for Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Over And Out .. Cap

4 thoughts on “SEP 3, 19 (Part 2 of 2 Parts) .. I AM BACK SAFELY IN IRKUTSK, RUSSIAN SIBERIA

  1. Greg De Young.

    HiCap, Well, you have crossed Siberia from pillar to pst. What adventure, what service, what fellowship. Excelsior! In a week you will mingle with the Mongols. It is the night of the third here, but I will take this opportunity to wish you a most Happy Birthday, thats 83 laps around the sun. Outstanding. Yours, Greg

    1. cap chastain

      Thank You Greg for you interest and comment. My 83rd Birthday will be September the 5th Greg. Visiting Vladivostok was high on my list for visiting cities in Siberia. Smiles to you and to Tsering Greg. Cap

  2. Patricia Boone

    Glad you are back “home” in the flat in Irkutsk. Am also glad that you got to realize your desire to go to and spend time in Vladivostok. Now to pack out and get on down to Mongolia and a reunion with some of our special people there. I am so proud of what you do! Happy day before your birthday!! Love and hugs. Patti

    1. cap chastain

      I too am happy to be back in Irkutsk after a great trip to Vladivostok. I am far from ready (mentally) to leave Russia but The Time Has Come when I have no choice but to do so. Yes, I am looking forward to some quality time in Ulaanbaatar. Thanks for the pre-birthday well wishes. Much Love .. Cap

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