It was one beautiful day here in Irkutsk. This afternoon I took-a-break from packing for my trip tomorrow morning and cleaning the Flat and went for a little walk. 

Patti will you just look at the school yard across the street. I’ve never seen it look this spiffy.

You don’t know this but the construction and re-surfacing of 5th Armii is now complete. They did a bang-up job. When you were here we saw them installing the new curbing. Notice the new sidewalk as well.

The sidewalk on our side of 5th Armii.

The sidewalk on the far side of 5th Armii.

They are still working on this one section.

I walked up the Angara River to check out the Angara River Cruise Boats. TODAY, Sunday September the 8th, 2019, is the last day of the season. You talked to the manager and I saw the last boat of the 2019 season head out on its final run.

How can I NOT photograph your Yellow Asters.

A lighter / brighter exposure for you.

As you know, I prefer a darker exposure.

Just a short and hopefully fun Post for you My Dear One.

Love .. Cap

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2 thoughts on “SEP 8, 19 (Part 2 of 3 Parts) .. MY LAST DAY IN RUSSIAN SIBERIA .. SOME PHOTOS FOR PATTI

  1. Patricia Boone

    Nice to see the school grounds looking so spiffy! They really did do a nice job on the curbs and sidewalk on our street. Oh, sigh .. what a memory of the tour boats on the Angara River, and yesterday was their last trip for the season. It was special when you put the boat manager on the phone so I could say hello to him. And .. fun to see the asters again! They are still making quite the statement!! Smiles, love, hugs. Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Spiffy is an understatement about the school grounds isn’t it ! I was sure you’d like to see them. School must have begun, or be about to begin. Oh My they did a wonderful job on 5th Armii and the sidewalks. How nice the Angara River Cruise boat manager was so polite to chat with you. Then he disappeared and the boat left for its last run of the season of 2019. Love the yellow aster and KNEW you’d like one more look at them. Love .. Cap

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