First, a Blast From The Past.

On AUG 3, 15, I published a Post here on dot.net. In that long-ago-and-far-away Post, I showed photographs of Lunch With My Friends. All you have to do is to scroll down to the 3rd, 4th and 5th photographs in the below link to see that lunch:


Something huh? Shijiree really is a Gourment Cook and how.

Now come with me ahead four years and into the present.

Yesterday I was asked, by one of my absolutely best of best friends here in Ulaanbaatar .. “Cap, tomorrow will you stop-by-for-a-visit? I’ll pick you up behind the Blue Sky Hotel at 11am.”

Of course I said, “Sure. See you in the morning.”

The first three photos below are especially for Patti, and ‘Zilla and Kleiner Bär.

His name is Sparky. He was born May 1st 2018. They’ve had him since he was a small kitten.

What’s in a name? Sparky?

The very first dog that I had in my life was an all white terrier named? Sparky!

Sparky! I can see that you found this tidbit of information very interesting!

Well Sparky, enough for now, I find the below lunch of maximum interest.

Like back on August 1st 2015, I haven’t had a real honest-to-goodness meal in forever.

Lordy Be Srijiree !!

Now we will go, counter-clockwise, around this feast. Beginning with the BBQ mutton on skewers.

I got really-serious about the above pasta salad and below tomato-cucumber salad. I took them out. 

None of us even touched the beautiful fruit platter below.

We see Shijiree what Cap means about your Master Chef cooking skills!

After a great visit, I had to leave to see Happy (my landlord) off to China on the train.


Just yesterday, after getting on the wrong bus downtown, discovering some new-to-me supermarkets, then finding peanut butter, I wrote in my Post ..

Today’s Rhetorical Question : I know I can again find the supermarket in the MAXMALL, but I wonder IF I’ll be able to again find the other two new supermarkets?

“Oh Captain! Do you expect anyone to believe for one-New-York-minute that you’d be unable to find the supermarket where you got peanut butter?”

Let me tell, one and all, without missing one single step I went directly there.

My peanut butter stash is now up to three.

I got home, grabbed a quick 30-minute nap. Then out and off I trotted to see Happy off on his train South to China.

Don’t the Mongolian Railway train attendants look just great! Spiffy and truly professional PROUD to serve their passengers.

A fine looking train.

A last goodbye from one of Happy’s compartment companions.

Then, precisely-on-time, they were gone.

Quite a day, Saturday the 5th of October 2019.



7 thoughts on “OCT 5, 19 .. MAN O’MANISCHEWITZ .. WHAT A MEAL

  1. Patricia Boone

    I just caught one more minor spelling correction! Picture #3 of Sparky shows he really had you in his sights. Oh my goodness, that creative feast that Srijiree prepared is beyond beautiful .. and I can well imagine was beyond delicious. Happy pictures with you and Happy!! I love your posts!!! Love, Patti

    1. cap chastain

      I was 99% positive, but not 100% positive, that we together enjoyed one of Shijiree’s amazing feasts when you were here in Ulaanbaatar. Her salads are what I most enjoyed. The tomatoes and cucumbers were off the vine fresh. Happy IS so happy isn’t he? Twice now I’ve enjoyed seeing him off-to-China. So pleased you enjoy these Posts. I’ll keep-them-coming. Much Love .. Cap

  2. Daniel Boone

    Hey Cap!
    I received a postcard from you, and two things I want to know:
    1. What was the name of the camel?
    2. When did you learn to ride?
    Did appreciate your DMV story– luckily, that DMV approach IS old and passe, as you surmised. In 2019, California DMV has a form to mail to trigger a re-examination. I have soul-searched this one for weeks, but can’t get away from feeling a responsibility to act before harm is done.
    PS: Those Mongolian stamps are unbelievably beautiful!
    Be well, enjoy that peanut butter and tuna… but probably not together.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Heey Danny. Great to get your long comment. Wow! Thanks for letting me know you got my card. Too funny. The camel’s name and my camel riding skills. We all owe-it-to-ourselves to get hazardous drivers off-the-road. P-e-r-i-o-d. I wonder IF Alaska has come into the present? Glad you like the stamps. Will send another card with different stamps. They’ll look the same but if you look at the names you’ll see they differ. So far I’ve not gotten into the tuna. AM eating up the peanut butter. Great Comment .. Smiles Cap and Hugs from Patti ..

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