APR 10, 13 (1/2) .. SOME CHIT-CHAT ..

Last night (Tuesday) Patti called me about 8:30PM .. well-after-dark here .. to check-in after enjoying dinner-out with friends.

I said to Patti .. Tell me these words .. “I am proud of you!”

Patti complied saying .. “Cap! I AM proud of you!”

Then I said .. Ask me this question .. “What time did you leave the Internet Cafe this evening?”

I replied .. “I left the Internet Cafe at Five Thirty this evening!”

Patti just .. HOOTED WITH JOY!

Patti has been kind of worried-sick about me walking home in the dark of night from my Internet Cafe all the way back to my hotel.  In fact Patti said .. “I really was checking to see if you had gotten home safely!”

When I left the Internet Cafe yesterday evening at 5:30PM .. Mahesh the owner said to me .. “Good to see you will not be walking in the dark tonight!” .. EVEN Mahesh has been a little worried about this activity of mine.

It was very good to break-the-cycle having left here after dark for three consecutive nights .. Saturday and Sunday and Monday .. NOT Tuesday!

Yesterday I wrote ..


Would I recommend that YOU walk this at night?  NO!

DO I PLAN to make this a ‘regular’ practice?

NO!  Got IT?  NO!

A promise made (to myself and to you) is a debt unpaid!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Each and every morning I eat a Masala Omellete at AL BAIQ.  Masala means a mixture of spices .. in the language-of-the-street it also means HOT AND SPICY! Does it ‘look-good’ to you?  It sure WAS good!


AS I was paying for my Masala Omellete I noticed the ‘ball cap’ that one of the assistant managers was wearing. Since it was of GREAT INTEREST TO ME I decided to photograph his ‘ball cap’!  It was his ‘cap’ that I wanted to show you .. not necessarily the fact that he is a very good-looking young man.

ALBAIQ 004I asked him to tip his head down so I could photograph his ‘cap’ more clearly.  He complied.


IF .. and you must do so .. you look real hard you can ‘make-out’ what the logo says on his ‘cap’. MARINES !  Then I left AL BAIQ and went about my day.

Then last night I went back to AL BAIQ and decided to try one of their pizzas!


I am not all-that-pleased with the clarity of close-up photos taken by my camera but I can only do-what-I-can-do.  The pizza was very good. It cost 100 Rs Indian or $2.00 US Dollars.

After I ate my pizza and again was paying my bill as I was leaving .. I saw him again and said to myself .. I am going to get a REAL close-up of his ‘cap’ and did!



OF COURSE! as all of this was ‘playing out’ I took off my shirt to show him my U.S. Marine Corps Tattoo from elbow to shoulder.

To show HIM? .. All of the staff were gathered around just watching!

Smiles .. Cap