It seems like just yesterday, but it was October the 27th, over two weeks ago, Mister Winter made a legitimate but unsuccessful attempt to make his presence felt here in Ulaanbaater, Mongolia

See the below link if you are interested in the post or if you missed it. 

Patti and I discussed as to whether or not the above snowfall should ‘count’ as to it being real snow and the beginning of Winter. Patti felt that it ‘counted’ as to really being snow. I’d have to agree that it was NOT rain but I disagreed with Patti about it being serious snow and we let it rest. For one thing it was just a dusting. For another thing, and this is vital, it did NOT remain on the ground overnight. In fact by late afternoon it had melted away.

When I got up this morning, Monday the 11th of November, I looked out my window and I said to myself..

“Those are snow skies!” .. “I’ll bet that it is going to snow today.” .. “I’m going to take a few photos before it snows.”

As with the above three photos, all of my from-the-window photos pan from right to left. A view of the school, a view looking up the parking lot and a view of the hotel. 

Patti and I discussed this and she felt that it would be easier if I show each view individually. I agreed.  

Photos of THE SCHOOL from no snow to snow. 

And then it began.

All day, and then into the night, on again and off again we had snow.

If you closely compare the above and the below photos, you can see it continued to snow during the night.


There is no doubt about it. Mister Winter has paid us a serious visit.

Now we’ll look up THE DRIVEWAY from my window.

The snow has begun.

Into the night.

Compare the above and below and you see it really continued to snow during the night.


On the ground.

Now we’ll look at the SMALL HOTEL next to our apartment building.

Again the snow has begun.

Early night time.

During the night it had continued to snow.


Some RANDOM PHOTOS that I snapped..


Loved this lady and her ‘snow shovel’.

Walking the street.

I’m NOT saying that this snow will not completely melt. It could do just that. I will point out that the morning of Tuesday, November 12th, the temperature was 3°F.

No matter what, this snow was the real deal. Winter is here.

There you have it.

Cap and Patti

As I sign off at 2:25PM on Tuesday the 12th it is 7°F.

Tonight, November the 12th, the temperature is predicted to be -15°F.

4 thoughts on “NOV 11, 19 .. MONDAY NOVEMBER 11th .. THE SNOW AND WINTER ARRIVED

  1. Patricia Boone

    I would agree .. This is serious snow, winter has arrived in Ulaanbaatar with no temps above freezing all week and more snow predicted for Thursday. I am concerned that your warm boots came back to Alaska with me. Sigh. Be VERY careful of the slippery surfaces! Hugs, love. Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      As I reply to your comment, it is 7:02PM Tuesday night the 12th here and the temperature is already a minus 2 degrees F and predicted to fall to a minus 15 tonight. Walking home from the seamstress just now I began (but with my cane instantly caught myself) to slip on some invisible (it is very dark) black ice. All of a sudden, after several months of absolutely spectacular weather, real winter has appeared here in Ulaanbaatar. So far I have always used the brand new, wide step at our entrance. I haven’t one time used that narrow step to the side. I think I’ll be OK with footwear. If I had my warm boots I’d sure use them. Much Love and again, always in all ways, thanks for all of your help. Cap

  2. Gullible

    I see snow shovels are not unknown in Mongolia! I had to wonder after watching a young man clear the entire parking lot of the 360 Hotel in Moron with a small sheet of flexible plastic.

    Still no snow here, but as I have an on-going firewood project at hand, I am happy about that.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      I remember that as if it was ‘yesterday’. ‘Yesterday’ was four years ago right now this time give or take a day or so. Nothing like having a good stock of firewood ready to go. Too bad wood is not a clean fuel. I learned that up in Manley Hot Springs. Smiles .. Cap and Patti

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