Like many (or all) mothers who have given birth to a child, some time is going to pass, and I will conveniently forget the agony of  my re-entry-process (for the mother’s of the world, all that goes with birthing a child) and only remember all of the good things I just experienced for the past fourteen (14) months.

Today’s Rhetorical Question : Are you going to remember this past ten days Captain? And call-it-quits for your International Travels?

Does The Shadow Know?

This re-entry remains difficult.

Gullible asked me : What do you mean you can’t walk?

Well I CAN, and I AM, WALKING Gullible. The issue is the immense pain in my legs and in my knees when I walk. You can ask four people if this is correct. Seattle Greg and Tsering, Robert and Patti. All have been witness to my squeals of immense discomfort as I walk with one or two canes.

On the positive side I am able to sleep and rest. On the positive side, I am able to get myself up and out of bed to eat and move around. Lying idly in bed is a death sentence.

With Patti’s assistance I AM getting out and actually doing some necessary things. Going to the Alaska Department of Motor Vehicles to do some driver’s license and truck address changes. Going to the State of Alaska Voter’s Registration Office to do the same. Going to the State of Alaska Permantent Fund Department Office and successfully getting my year 2019 Permanent Fund Dividend sorted out after it being in limbo for nine months with me outside the country. 

Patti treated me to a movie this afternoon (Ford Motor Company vs Ferrari at The Le Mans 24-hour race) and we followed it up with a Subway Tuna Foot-long. 

I’ve also been doing some reading with and to Patti. 

I may still be staggering-in-the-ring but I am not down and out. And I don’t intend to be (down nor out).

Tomorrow we will attend a pre-Christmas Holiday dinner / celebration at a local Treatment Center followed by the season finale of  SURVIVOR.

And I am going to keep active here on

Smiles to all of you who are rooting for us.

Cap and Patti.


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