This morning Patti and I met with my new-to-me Doctor to discuss and analyze what (if anything) is going on with my legs.

First we discussed my recent history in an attempt to find causes for this challenge with my knees and legs. Then he had x-rays taken of my lower spine saying spinal issues could certainly cause issues with my legs (not so much with my knees). He ruled out deep vein thrombosis. Then we did the physical part of the examination. Get up from a sitting position in a chair. Walking. Sitting back down in a chair. On the examination table he twisted and he turned and he manouevered my knees every which way possible. From my own past experience, a patient can NOT hide PAIN if it occurs. It is a reflex action beyond our control if something hurts. One week ago, several days ago, I could not have performed as I did this morning.

Prognosis : I am asymptomatic. In his professional opinion there is nothing wrong with my legs and knees.

The reason for my recent condition he feels was deep fatigue caused by months of travel coupled with my age and exasperated by jet lag. He feels, with adequate rest and exercise, I will be just fine. I won’t become age 20 but for my age I will be as good as I can be.

In fact he went on to say that, for my age, what I have been doing is absolutely amazing.

I thanked him very much for giving me peace of mind.

Cap and Patti

Rhetorical Question : Were my leg and knee issues  Covid-19 related due to the fact that, when I returned from Asia on December the 10th and was in the Virginia Mason Hospital E.R. on December the 11th with what I now know to have been Covid-19!

2 thoughts on “DEC 20, 19 .. GOOD NEWS FROM MY DOCTOR

  1. Gullible

    Well, that’s good news. Aren’t you going to the Mayo clinic soon? If it’s still bothering you, maybe they can do a further check.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Yes indeed, we both are going to the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix in late January 2020. Yes indeed, the Mayo Clinic has doctors that I’ve seen and who, among other things, surgically replaced my left hip. In February of 2018, my left knee ‘blew up’ while I was in one of my doctor’s offices and on-the-spot they (after they asked me if I wanted some relief and I fairly screamed YES!) injected cortizone into my left knee. Thanks for your continuing concern Gullible. Cap

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