This begins our year 2020 trip to The Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona.

All went well last night. We left our condominium in Anchorage at 10pm (2200 hours) and took a taxi to our International Airport. We had help from a red-cap porter getting our suitcases from the departure curb outside of the terminal into the terminal and to our check-in desk.  Our suitcases were all well within the allowable weight of 50 pounds and in no time we were at our departure gate (all with wheel chair assistance).

The Anchorage, Alaska, to Portland, Oregon, segment of our trip left on time at 12:55 am and arrived early. After a two hour layover in Portland, Oregon, we again departed on time and arrived into Las Vegas, Nevada, a few minutes early. We were in touch with Ginny (in Laughlin, Nevada) who relayed our text message updates to Tom who met us at the Las Vegas, Nevada, airport. Tom then drove us South to Laughlin, Nevada, and to their home where we watched two NFL playoff football games. We only missed seeing the first two minutes of the Tennessee – Kansas City game. Then we watched the San Francisco 49ers defeat the Green Bay Packers in the second game. 

Out and off we went to get a Subway Tuna Footlong after we checked into our hotel here in Laughlin. Exhausted from packing for our trip and a night of flying with the two hour layover in Portland, and an hour and a half drive to Laughlin, we got here to our room at 11pm (2300 hours).

Dead On Our Feet .. Patti and Cap

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