As with all maps here on dot.net, in the bottom right corner of the below maps, you see a sign and you see a sign. If you ‘click onto’ the sign you can ‘zoom in’ on the map. If you ‘click onto’ the sign you ‘zoom out’. You can also put your cursor on the map and move the map around. 

The below map shows you where we are for our one-full-day stay here in Lake Havasu City, Arizona (red balloon).


The below map shows a much closer look at the location of Lake Havasu City (red balloon).


Yesterday we checked out of our room at 12noon. We then went to Ginny and Tom’s home in Laughlin, Nevada, for a very nice ‘check out’ visit. After we all completed our ‘good byes’, we headed off about 2:30pm (Nevada time) or 3:30pm (Arizona time) for Lake Havasu City, Arizona. We stopped in Bullhead City, Arizona, a city directly across the Colorado River from Laughlin, at Sam’s Club to get a few things and to ‘gas up’ our truck. We then made one more shopping stop and about (4:15pm) and we were out and off for Lake Havasu City.

The day (Wednesday the 22nd) was perfect. Bright sun, sparkling blue skies, temperature 64F.

First we drove South on U.S. Highway 95 into Needles, California, and then East on U.S. Interstate Highway I-40 for 25 or so miles then South into Lake Havasu City where we arrived at 5:30pm.


Our Lake Havasu City friend Michael came to our room and we visited for a good hour or so. Then Patti rested in our motel room while Michael and I went to a meeting. After the meeting we got Subway Sandwiches and the three of us ate our Subway Sandwich dinners and visited until 10:30pm.

For some photos of our winter here in Nevada as compered to our winter (one short week ago) in Alaska, please click onto the below link..


Smiling And How ..

Cap and Patti (who is feeling just a tad improved today)


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