Who better than Patti herself to write a few words about today at the Mayo Clinic and other thoughts about the process..

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Things continue to roll along here with all of our Mayo appointments.  I did get my epidural steroid shots (two, one on each side of my sacrum in my back) on Tuesday (the 28th).  Only once since then have I felt a little tension in my lower back.  The doctor who did the shots did tell me the relief could take up to ten days to two weeks, but, so far so good.  I saw the hip doctor today and he had not yet gotten the cobalt and chromium level blood results back.  He will let me know when they are on my portal for me to see.  Otherwise, he thought my standing and walking and his exam seemed to indicated all is well.  He said he would want blood work again next year, as well as an x-ray.
My esophagus/Barratt’s Syndrome procedure is tomorrow morning at 8:30.  I also agreed to participate in a research study and so .. I have to be there at 6:30 in the morning for that, prior to the procedure.  The doctor ALMOST cancelled the procedure for tomorrow due to my having gone to the ER yesterday, at Cap’s INSISTENCE, since I was still coughing and Mayo said they could not get me into Internal Medicine because I had not seen an Internal Medicine doctor previously and they are not taking any more new Medicare patients into that department.  The ER took me through a chest x-ray, two separate blood tests, an EKG, and gave me a breathing treatment, four antibiotic pills, a steroid shot, and gave me prescriptions for 14 more days of antibiotics, 5 days of Prednisone, and an inhaler. When the doctor called today about cancelling tomorrow’s procedure, I was not coughing anywhere near as much and begged to go ahead with the procedure – so, it is back on, but he said the anesthesiologist will make the final decision tomorrow morning before he starts the procedure.  THIS procedure is the primary reason we planned this trip down to Mayo.  There is not a specialist in Alaska who does this procedure.  Keep you fingers crossed for me that this goes ahead.  Once done, two more additional procedures need to be done three months apart.  Sigh.
So .. needing to be at the hospital at 6:30 a.m., I am going to bed!  Each day this week has been an early start, but this will be the earliest.
Thank you for your love and support.
Love and hugs to you.  Patti
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As for yours truly, my Mayo Urologist gave me an all clear don’t worry there is no further need to be concerned about the routine cyst on my left kidney.
Based upon the results from the ultrasound examination on my thyroid gland yesterday, I got another all clear don’t worry from my Mayo Primary Care Doctor about the lump / nodule he found on my thyroid gland.
In fact he (my Mayo Primary Care Doctor) gave me an all clear don’t worry evaluation about my overall general health.
Tomorrow is a big day with Patti. We will be up and out of our motel room by 5:50am and on our way to the Mayo Clinic Hospital for her esophagus Barratt’s Syndrome procedure.
Smiles from Cap and Hugs from Patti

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      Well Greg, we hope we will be ready for the kickoff on Sunday. THANKS so much for your comment ‘Pard’ .. Cap and Patti

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