Patti and I stayed-in all day. Our truck sat parked and idle. Basically we took it easy.

Over and Out ..

Cap and Patti

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Above you see what I intended to write here. Originally I was NOT going to put up a post today but then some of you might have become concerned about us so I decided to at least let you know we are OK.


Because of all that has been going on with the Mayo Clinic, we have not mentioned our ‘issues’ here with Motel 6. 

We are staying at Motel 6 here in Tempe (Phoenix), Arizona. I prefer to book directly online with Motel 6 (and with airlines as well). I did and we received an e-mail confirmation from Motel 6 online. Check in January 24th .. Check out February 7th. Bottom line total cost for 14 days .. $984.13 or a daily average cost of $70.30.

When we arrived, it took us over one full hour of waiting (I was the only one at the front desk, there were no others checking in) before we were able to get into a room. As this drama played out, I felt we were lucky to be getting a room. But we got a room. A good room at that. A nicer room than we had reserved (downstairs, King Bed with fridge and microwave). I opted to pay only for the first week (or maybe that was at the request of the front desk clerk). 

So far so good. I paid $503.74 (or 7 days at $71.96) for our first week.

Don’t ask me why, I have no idea, but after I checked in,  I called Motel 6 on their 800 toll free phone number and confirmed the above 14 day reservation.

I was shocked when I was told that we had only had a 7 day reservation. This meant that on Friday the 31st of January we had to check out. I knew that this would be a potential problem and that maybe, just maybe, on Friday the 31st we would have a Mayo Appointment. It turned out that on Friday the 31st Patti got scheduled for her esophagus procedure! I then went to the front desk and they confirmed that yes our reservation was for only 7 days with check out Friday the 31st.

I again called Motel 6 at their 800 toll free number and was told that yes we originally had a 14 day reservation but that ‘the property’ (meaning the motel 6 where we are staying) had cancelled our second week. Back to the front desk I trotted and they confirmed that we could not stay more than 7 days in the room (for reasons unknown). 

I let this rest ‘for a few days’ until we learned on Monday the 27th Patti’s procedure was going to be on Friday the 31st, the day we had to check out of our room. I then spent the next few days (unsuccessfully) pleading our case to no avail.

After much passionate (yet calm low key pleading) finally I was told that yes we could stay over ONE MORE NIGHT (Friday the 31st checking out on Saturday the 1st of February) at a daily cost of $166 plus applicable taxes. Thursday morning I got the general manager involved (again, knowing they held all the cards, I was low key and calm) and as-luck and my negotiating skills would have it, he told his front desk clerk to ‘honor’ my original cost of $64.40 for Friday night the 31st checking out Saturday the 1st of February, which was the very next morning after Patti’s procedure.

As-luck-would-have-it, yours truly has ‘good / great person-to-person chemistry’ with the head front desk clerk. Last night she told me that she thought she could set it up for us to stay over checking out Friday the 7th of February (as our original reservation stated). 


She pulled it off. We are good until next Friday the 7th of February.

So today I moved our bags from one room to another. A job. 


We have a superior room to our former excellent room at a bottom line cost of (for our 14 days) $920.09 or $64.04 less than our original reservation. When I told her she had made a mistake and we owed more she just smiled and nodded. On-the-spot I gave her a $50 bill cash gratuity.

So we are now checking out next Friday the 7th of February


  1. We did NOT have to move on the day of Patti’s surgery (or pay $166 plus taxes). Nor did we have to move out of the motel the morning after.
  2. We did NOT have to find another motel and load up the truck today and move as Patti desperately needed to be calm and rest today.
  3. I only had to walk (each way) 125 feet to our current room from our former room making seven trips (about 1/3 of a mile total) to accomplish our move.


In this lifetime you-win-some and you-lose-some. By being super calm and cool it looks like yours truly won-one here, thank goodness.

Cap and Patti


Patti and I plan to stay in and watch it all. Skip and Shannon at 9am, Road To The Super Bowl at 10am, Super Bowl Kickoff Show at 11am, a 4-1/2 hour Super Bowl Pregame Show at 12pm, and taa-daa, THE Super Bowl at 4:30pm all times are Arizona times.


  1. eva wissmann

    wow, you should be pooped. What a negotiator. ! Its a good story and I enjoyed it. May you both live happily during the next phase of your story.
    😁 Love & Hugs Eva

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      We’ve heard the same thing from friends who live down here and go to Utah saying the Utah canyons are better than the Grand Canyon. I don’t know if we’ll head up there. Thanks Gullible. Cap and Patti

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