Today was a very low key day. There are certainly many challenges to living on-the-road ( so to speak ) in a motel with ever present medical appointments. The two of us got-out at 5pm and went to a meeting that (1) I felt ‘called to attend’ and (2) Patti was ( at best ) luke-warm as to attending the meeting and perhaps luke-warm about even going out. Based upon two prior visits ( visits where we went in and sat down but then left and did not stay and attend the meeting ) it would be a Michigan-Type Meeting, a meeting with eight or so individual tables, each table having a mini-meeting. Neither of us like these types of meetings because you can’t hear yourself think because of the noise in the room. 

All of these pre-conceived expectations notwithstanding, I definitely felt ‘spiritually called’ to attend and out and off we two went. We were warmly greeted ( because of having been there our previous two times we were ‘known’ to the group ) and down we sat at one of the tables. The secretary called the meeting ( a Steps and  Traditions 12 and 12 Meeting ) to order and, wonder-of-wonders, the entire room was one table and not eight individual tables. Step 12 was the topic. One and only one person at a time read from the 12 and 12 and when we began the discussion phase, it was a share when / and if you like format. We did not ‘plod around the room’ speaking in order. Another elder and senior member next to me shared after she read several paragraphs from the 12 and 12. When sharing on Step 12 ceased, right into reading Step 1 we went. 

It ended up to be a very satisfying meeting and we plan to return again. It is located very close to our motel and the meeting room is outstanding and comfortable with a great ambience. I told Patti “How odd it was my being ‘spiritually called to attend’ and in following that spiritual calling we hit an excellent meeting.” 

A stop at Walmart en route home and that was that for our Sunday.

Well not quite, but you get the idea. I was on the phone for 30 or more minutes about having one of my credit cards declined over a $4.12 attempted charge at Walmart. I placed four orders with Amazon.com for a hundred or so dollars. I also did a batch of time consuming hand laundry, etc et al blah-blah-blah.

Patti continues to be doing exceptionally well and is looking forward to Tuesday’s appointment with a pulmonary ( lung ) specialist at the Mayo Clinic. 

Over and out. We will be attending a meeting tomorrow in an assisted living environment for elders / senior citizens, to be followed by dinner with friends who are living there.

Many Smiles and Hugs .. Cap and Patti

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